Application Due Date: 31 March 2019

The Centre of African Research Studies of the University of London welcomes applications from Nigerian academics to participate in a plan of collective research study moneyed by the Leventis Structure.

Sabbatical at the Centre of African Researches, University of London:

The Leventis Research Study Co-operation Program is designed to help.
more youthful scholars establish their research study interests in cooperation with.
their equivalents in London. Candidates are welcomed to use to invest.
3 months as visitors of the Centre of African Research studies in order to.
pursue their research study in libraries and archives and to take part in.
the intellectual life of the Centre. The plan may be especially.
proper for scholars developing a PhD thesis into publishable kind.

To be thought about for the fellowship, candidates need to send out the following files by means of e-mail to ab17 @soas.

  • A total curriculum vitae ( optimum 2 pages)
  • A declaration of present research study interests (of not more than 1,00 0.
    words) defining the objectives to be attained throughout the research study duration in.
  • One scholastic recommendation letter supporting the application (sent out straight from the e-mail account of the referee to ab17 @soas.

Applications are thought about by a Steering Committee in London. E-mails.
will be sent out to the candidates notifying them of the Committee’s.
choice right after the due date of 31 st March.

Email applications are more effective, however if you are not able to send your application by e-mail, please post it to:

Ms Angelica Baschiera
Centre of African research studies
SOAS‐University of London
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

To Learn More:

See the Authorities Website of the 2019 Leventis Fellowship for Nigerians


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