Due Date: May 31, 2019

Applications are open for the Absa L’Atelier Art Competitors2019 The competitors is among Africa’s many prominent art competitors, and 2019 sees the 34 th model of the competitors.

The Absa L’Atelier Art Competitors rewards young visual artists, aged 21 to 40, with the chance to establish their skills abroad. This is plainly evidenced by the previous winners and the advantages and experience they achieved by getting involved. The Absa L’Atelier art competitors is hosted every year by Absa in collaboration with the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA).


There are 4 rewards for the 2019 competitors: the primary reward for the winner of each Group; and the Gerard Sekoto Award for a South African entrant that continues to show development in their art production.

  • Very First Reward: The Ambassadors from each of the 3 Groups get:.

    • A one-month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris
    • A two-month residency in South Africa
    • While using up their two-month residency in South Africa, the artists will delight in a weekly art masterclass
    • A month-to-month stipend throughout their three-month residency
    • Protection of all flights, travel-associated expenses, and lodging
    • All 3 Absa L’Atelier Ambassadors will use up their residency at the very same time
    • While using up their South African residency, artists will interact towards a group exhibit including both private and collective art work
    • The exhibit will be recorded in a printed brochure
    • Their group exhibit will open in the Absa Gallery within a year after using up their residency and will then take a trip to each artist’s particular nations
    • All entrants are qualified for this reward
    • The date of residency is March to May 2020
  • Gerard Sekato Award: The Alliance Française, the Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud and the French Embassy are sponsoring the Gerard Sekoto Award for the most appealing South African entrant in the Absa L’Atelier aged 25 to35

    • This reward includes a return flight ticket to Paris, a three-months remain in the Cité Internationale des Arts, across the country touring of exhibits in France, Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud French language lessons. The Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris residencies are provided by SANAVA. The duration of Gerard Sekoto Award residency is from April to June 2020.


  • Open to all artists who are not more youthful than 21 and not older than 40 on May 31,2019 When it comes to art trainees, just trainees in their last year of research study, who satisfy the age requirements, might get involved;-LRB- ************).
  • All reward winners are needed to use up the reward (residency) based on the date discussed in the entry information;-LRB- ************).
  • Just artists who are people or have actually been given irreversible residency of South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Botswana, Uganda, Mozambique, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Nigeria or Namibia and are presently living in among these nations, might go into the competitors. The airline tickets to the Absa Gallery and the residency in France or South Africa forms part of the reward and is just from the getting involved nations.


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To find out more, go to Absa L’Atelier Art Competitors

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