Due Date: November 12, 2018

Have you developed a business leveraging digital development dealing with gender inequalities or financial, social, cultural, political addition of females in Africa? Look for the AFD Digital Obstacle 2018

The AFD Digital Obstacle is a tech start-ups difficulty for females addition. The difficulty intends to promote entrepreneurial efforts handled by females and/or guys, dealing with the difficulties of females’s addition and gender inequalities– whether social, financial, cultural or political– and leveraging digital development for their advancement.


  • Digital Obstacle Success– EUR50,000: Rewarding 2 start-ups going through the growth stage and showing an impressive capability to scale up and establish.
  • Digital Obstacle– Jury’s Award– EUR20,000: Rewarding one start-up showing exceptional creativity and originality in its technique to the difficulty of females addition;-LRB- **************).

  • Digital Obstacle Effort– EUR15,000: Rewarding 2 start-ups going through the induction stage and showing an impressive capability to innovate.


  • Open to any ingenious entrepreneurial effort:.
    • Showing the presence of a legal kind and having a tested activity on the African continent
    • Owned by females and/or guys, and having a favorable effect on females’s addition and the decrease of gender inequalities
      leveraging digital innovations to enhance its effect


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