Due Date: October 10, 2018

Requiring Reporters to Send Pitches for Science Stories. The African Academy of Sciences and its partners continue to accept pitches from African reporters each month. In the previous year, they have actually moneyed near to 40 stories from reporters in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa to produce TELEVISION documentaries, brief web videos, explainers, brief or long-form investigative reports and information stories focused on regional or worldwide news markets.

In line with The African Academy of Sciences’s brand-new method, reporters are now welcomed to send pitches on the brand-new tactical locations: health and wellness; environment and environment modification; social sciences and liberal arts; lives sciences and policy and governance. They likewise motivate stories showing the state of science in the 4 particular nations covered by this grant or those that raise the profile of early profession and ladies researchers or focus on topical concerns, such as antimicrobial resistance.

The Africa Science Desk is a collective effort in between the African Academy of Sciences, the African Federation of Science Reporters and the South African Science Reporters Association. It is executed with the assistance of the Expense & Melinda Gates Structure. It will, over a course of 2 years, offer financing and coach early profession African science reporters.


  • The picked or the certifying reporters will be coupled with senior science reporters worldwide along with continentally who will offer the mentorship required to enhance the quality of science reporting.
  • Please keep in mind that the budget plan limitation is $700 per story and is responsible. The AAS will for that reason need invoices for each cost. When your pitch has actually been accepted, the AAS will call you to go over how the financing will be dispersed.
  • There is an extra $350 paid after the story has actually been released, which will not be responsible.


Pitches need to be no longer than 1-page and be accompanied by the following paperwork:

  • A pitch concentrating on several of the fice tactical locations of The African Academy of Sciences: health and wellness, environment and environment modification (environment modification in relation to health and food security), social sciences and liberal arts, lives sciences and policy and governance
  • A list of target interviewees.
  • Examples of the reporter’s previous work, which need to consist of a minimum of 3 science stories (upon novice submission).
  • A suggested budget plan, which need to not surpass US$700 per story.
  • A letter of assistance from the Editor and evidence of approval of a pitch where relevant for independent reporters
  • Biographical details or CV (upon novice submission).


Please send all propositions to the AAS Ishango Grants System

For additional information, see Africa Science Desk

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