The African Biomedical Engineering Movement (ABEM) task is moneyed by the Intra-Africa Academic Movement Plan of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Company of the European Commission. The plan is designed on Europe’s reputable and effective Erasmus-Mundus program. As part of the Roadmap 2014-2017 of the Joint Africa-EU Technique, the Intra-Africa Movement Plan highlights the contribution of college towards financial and social advancement and the capacity of scholastic movement to enhance the quality of college.

ABEM will construct human and institutional capability in Africa for needs-based health innovation research study and advancement. The task will train postgraduate trainees with abilities and expertises not used at their house organizations. Moreover, it will support the advancement of biomedical engineering programs that are being developed, or have actually just recently been developed, at partner organizations and contribute towards harmonising biomedical engineering curricula throughout the continent. This will be attained through the arrangement of scholarships to cover the complete expense of movement in between African college organizations.

In general, the task will improve job opportunity for graduates, improve personnel research study profiles and mentor proficiencies, improve institutional research study profiles and inter-university cooperation, and support the advancement of services for health difficulties from an African point of view.(******* ).


  • The ABEM private scholarships cover one roundtrip flight ticket, visa expenses, involvement expenses (which might consist of tuition charges, registration charges and service charge), extensive insurance protection (health, mishap and travel) and a regular monthly subsistence allowance from which scholarship receivers are to cover lodging costs.
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