Application Due Date: November 30 th 2018

At the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Advancement (TICAD V), kept in Yokohama in 2013, the Japanese federal government mentioned its policy of enhancing assistance for the continuous vibrant development of Africa with more powerful public-private collaborations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed the “African Company Education Effort for Youth(hereafter, described as the “ABE Effort”), a tactical five-year strategy offering 1,000 youths in Africa with chances to study for Master’s degree at Japanese universities and experience internships at Japanese business. Prior to the TICAD V, Japanese markets, consisting of the Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN) and the Japanese federal government, had actually made a joint suggestion for TICAD V at “Public-Private Council for the Promo of TICADV”.

These bodies mentioned that there is a requirement for personnel advancement in both personal and public sectors of Africa in order to cultivate a strong human network in between Japan and Africa. The suggestion likewise discussed the significance of increasing the variety of African individuals checking out Japan, along with increasing awareness amongst Africans concerning the performance of Japanese innovations and systems of business. The ABE Effort was released based upon this suggestion.

JICA has actually been selected to execute a master’s degree and internship program within the ABE Effort structure established for nations whose main demands have actually been authorized by the Federal government of Japan.


  • The goal of the ABE Effort Master’s Degree and Internship Program is to support young workers who can be a “Navigator” for adding to the advancement of markets in Africa. This program provides chances for young African males and females to study at master’s courses at Japanese universities as global trainees (hereafter, described as “individuals”) and experience internships at Japanese business.
  • The goal is for them to establish reliable abilities in order for them to add to numerous fields. Beyond acquisition of abilities and understanding, this program likewise means to cultivate exceptional workers who can acknowledge and comprehend the contexts of Japanese society and systems of Japanese business. The anticipated result of the program is a network of prospective factors to the advancement of African markets who will likewise lead Japanese services to engage even more in financial activities in Africa.

Qualified candidates

  1. People of among the 54 African nations
  2. In Between 22 and 39 years of ages (since April 1st in the year of your arrival in Japan)
  3. Bachelor’s degree (comparable to a minimum of 16 years of scholastic background)
  4. Applicants for the classification of “Federal government Officials” and “Educators” are needed:
    — to have more than 6 months working experience at their present companies, and
    — to get approval for application and protecting reinstatement from their present companies.
  5. Have appropriate English abilities both in composed and oral interaction to finish the master’s course.
  6. Plainly comprehend the goals of this program, and to have a strong will to add to the commercial advancement of their house nations along with to reinforce the linkage in between their nations and Japan after returning house.
  7. Candidates should:
    — remain in health condition to finish the program,
    — not get or prepare to get a scholarship provided by other foreign companies, and
    — go to the activities on the weekends in inevitable situations (ex. main examination).

Target Individuals

Target individuals are from amongst the following 3 kinds of workers.

  1. Individuals from the Economic Sector
    Young people who are or will be associated with financial activities in the regional economic sector keeping and establishing strong ties with Japanese business.
  2. Governmental Authorities
    Young authorities, such as civil servants, who participate in governance and policy-making in order to improve markets to whose advancement Japanese business can contribute, and has a suggestion by a Japanese business.
  3. Educators
    Young people who are accountable for informing in College and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) organizations in Africa, in order to improve capability structure in associated markets, and has a suggestion by a Japanese business.

* Considering that the start of the effort, the variety of lady individuals has actually been restricted. Lady individuals are motivated to get the program.

Application Files for FY2019

For More Details:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the African Company Education Effort for Youth (ABE Effort) 2019

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