Application Due Date: June 30 th 2019

The iDove effort was collectively released by the African Union Commission’s Directorate of People and Diaspora Organizations (AUC-CIDO) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbHin February 2017 to highlight the value of the soft power of faith in avoiding violent extremism (PVE) through ingenious, youth-led methods.

By developing on existing efforts and supporting youths’s engagement and concepts in both Europe and Africa, iDove makes every effort to establish non-violent methods to issue resolving that reinforce social cohesion and to produce an online forum for exchange and shared learning.The annualiDove Intercontinental Youth Online forums offer an important platform for young activists, academics, creatives & policy makers from all over Africa and Europe to share experiences, concepts and understanding on positive methods to avoid violent extremism.

The 3rd Intercontinental Youth Online forum will concentrate on thecurrent difficulty ofrehabilitating and reintegrating (R&R) foreign fightersand other returnees.Taking returnees into account when creating PVE methods has actually ended up being increasingly more pushing in current years as countless foreign fighters have actually been relocatingto their house neighborhoods. Foreign fighters are highly exposed to violent extremist ideologies, with numerous having actually experienced or actively took part in acts of violence.

Somemay be extremely shocked and in requirement of medical help. Others may be member of the family of foreign fighters or kids born in war-zones. Whether actively included infighting and violence or not, all returnees will need help in attending to the motorists that resulted in their participation with violent extremism in addition to in (once again) presuming efficient functions in society. What are my advantages? • Enter into theiDove networkof young PVE activists, creatives, policy makers & academics from all over Africa & Europe • Increase your knowledgeon soft power methods to PVE– in specific those including interfaith discussion.

Gain important insights for your own workby exploringthe communalities and distinctions in PVE in between various world areas • Find out more about R&R offoreign fighters and other returneesfrom our welcomed specialists & prominent speakers • Additional establish your skillson job management and howto effectively pitch your job concept


You arebetween 18 and 35 years of ages üYou are acitizen or citizen of a European or an African nation
You have actually shown experience in PVE and structure social cohesion, preferably the context of rehab & reintegration of returnees
You are devoted to and/or experienced in interfaith discussion and partnership
You are proficient in either English or French

How to Use:

How to apply?Please fill out the survey listed below and connect your CV and any supporting files for your application. The due date for applications is EAT midnight June 30,2019


iDove Questionaire (EN)
iDove Questionaire (FR)

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Go To the Authorities Website of the African Union Interfaith Discussion on Violent Extremism (iDove) 3rd Intercontinental Youth Online Forum 2019

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