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The African Union Commission is dedicated to make sure that science, innovation and development add to our sustainable advancement efforts. The Constitutive Act, developing the African Union, acknowledges the requirement to advance the advancement of Africa by promoting research study in all fields, and in science and innovation in specific.

The Commission, through its Department of Human Being Resources, Science and Innovation carries out a tactical science and innovation advancement program through the Science, Innovation and Development Technique (STISA-2024), focused on adding to the health and wellbeing and enhanced lifestyle for the African residents as articulated in the African Union Program2063 In January 2007, the AU Heads of State and Federal government “stated 2007 as the introducing year for developing constituencies and champs for science, innovation and development in Africa”.

The program is executed at nationwide level for young scientists, local level for females researchers and continental level open up to all researchers. The Continental level is the greatest level of the program. The goal is to offer science awards to leading African researchers for their accomplishments and important discoveries and findings in science, innovation and development.

AUKNASE shows and highlights a success story and the important function of science and innovation in the advancement and combination of Africa. Under this program rewards are granted to leading African researchers in each of the following 2 sectors (a) Life and Earth Science and development; and (b) Fundamental Science, Innovation and Development at the nationwide, local and continental levels.

The African Union Kwame Nkrumah Awards for Scientific Quality Program is executed utilizing the set of guidelines of treatment. The African Union Kwame Nkrumah Awards for Scientific Quality Program (AUKNASE) will be arranged at 3 levels:

1. Continental Level where 2 awards of USD 100,000 are provided to African leader researchers

2. Regional Level where 2 African females researchers per each of the 5 geographical areas of Africa are provided USD 20,000 each, and

3. National Level devoted to young African scientists, where 2 rewards are provided per nation and the worth of the rewards is figured out by the African Union Commission

Eligibility Requirements:

  • To be qualified for the African Union Scientific Awards candidates will be African researchers who have actually made impressive accomplishments, shown by number and quality of their publications, variety of skilled research study college student, applicability of the clinical work to Africa’s difficulties, and its patentability. The award is planned to acknowledge those who show quality in research study of importance to the developmental requirements of the continent.
  • Just nationals of the African Union (AU) Member States are qualified to take part in these Awards;-LRB- **********).
  • Candidates will be Africans living in any of the AU member states and can be chosen just for accomplishments based upon work carried out in an African nation.



Elections (on the online system …) will be welcomed from any organization in the continent, from universities, research study organizations, expert bodies, academies, commercial facilities, and so on.

Elections might be gotten from:

people who might be senior people of the exact same or greater rank than the candidate; Heads of organizations who might have their own formalized treatment for election, chairpersons of committees who examine the accomplishments of researchers in their organizations;-LRB- ***).

The nominator is needed to reveal the significance and effect of the researchof the candidate. The focus will be on the quality of the work and not always the variety of publications.

The nominator needs to offer a narrative discussion (approximately 5 pages) of the significance, importance, quality and effect of the work. A complete CV along with 5-10 copies of finest publications are to be sent together with the Election Kind.

All effectively finished elections on the will be immediately acknowledged

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To Learn More:

Check Out the Authorities Website of the African Union Kwame Nkrumah Awards for Scientific Quality (AUKNASE): Continental & Regional Awards 2019

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