Due Date: November 18, 2019

Applications are open for the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Digital Obstacle 2019 For the 4th successive year, the French Firm for Advancement devotes along with high effect digital stars in Africa. For this brand-new edition, the AFD Digital Obstacle desire to integrate the obstacle of digital shift with that of sustainable cities, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Advancement Objective 11 (SDG).

Obstacle Description

The AFD is highly dedicated to supporting sustainable cities, and, has actually likewise been included because 2015 in supporting the digital shift of its partners. Therefore, along with the improvement of AFD into a digital lessor, a brand-new measurement of intervention in favor of sustainable and smart cities is establishing, developed above all by numerous human energies utilizing brand-new technological tools.

Among the obstacles of emerging and establishing cities is for that reason to accept digital. As a velocity aspect for accomplishing the Sustainable Advancement Goals, digital tools provide effective chances for city advancement. Performance of city services, openness of regional administration, increased involvement, beauty of the area, much better preparation and threats avoidance in the city, management of open information, all these elements making it possible to get rid of the dream of an automatic city concentrated on options to serve the basic interest. As part of the Digital Obstacle, AFD wishes to support young business owners in Africa utilizing digital options to form the sustainable cities of tomorrow.


  • Production of Quality Urban Providers: The advancement of digital tools that concentrate on developing or enhancing sustainable and effective civil services
    • Waste collection services
    • Ingenious city transport
    • Access to water and so on
  • Urban Preparation for the A Lot Of Susceptible: Using digital innovation to enhance the understanding of the city, assist in the regional choice making and enhance the threat and catastrophe management.

    • Satellite imaging
    • Participatory or neighborhood mapping
    • Participatory alert system in the context of a health or ecological catastrophe etc
  • Stimulation of Regional Economic Advancement: The advancement of digital services that promotes regional financial activity.
    • Urban tourist
    • Valorisation of an architectural or natural heritage
    • Agri-food sector in the city (item classifications of origin, traceability, and so on)
  • Improving the Relationship in between the People and Regional Authorities: Usage of digital innovation to enhance exchanges in between regional authorities and people.
    • E-governance
    • E-government
    • Electronic Administration


  • Winner will get EUR20,000;-LRB- ***************).
  • Global exposure;-LRB- ***************).
  • A custom-made assistance program “Velocity pack”


  • Open to start-ups, associations, or proving ground establishing a digital option that promotes the advancement of inclusive and sustainable cities in Africa and falls under among the classifications above.
  • They should have the ability to show the presence of a legal structure
  • Add to the advancement of modern-day, clever and sustainable cities
  • Take advantage of digital development as an advancement tool
  • Show the presence of a sustainable, self-dependent company design
  • Team member from the AFD or from any other company participating in the execution of the Obstacle and/or in its promo, in addition to their member of the family, can not use to the Obstacle.


The online application has 2 elements:

  • An administrative element, worrying the Individual’s administrative and legal information (business name, date of development, governance, and so on).
  • A detailed element, worrying the qualitative information of the entrepreneurial job showcased by the Individual as part of the Obstacle (business function, earnings, description of the service.s/ product.s used, and so on).

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