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Our Young Adult of the Month is Anita Silwal from Nepal! Anita Silwal is the creator of Invite Womanhood, a non-profit in the State of Florida which assists women to gain access to womanly health items. She is likewise an award winning starlet and a reporter and she has actually done numerous interviews with high level dignitaries. She was the nation lead at Environment for Mankind Asia Pacific Project Youth Build. Under her management, they had the ability to set in motion 500,000+ youth for real estate awareness. Anita is likewise a ladies’s health rights supporter and she belongs to Central Youth Working Committee at Household Preparation. She holds an MA in sociology.

Read her story listed below and be motivated!


Anita Silwal is the creator of Invite Womanhood, where she is working towards female empowerment in Florida and Nepal. She is likewise a starlet, a reporter and the co-founder of Success Media, an effort which establishes management, public speaking and interaction abilities in young kids and women. Ms Silwal started her performing profession at a childhood of 4. By the age of 10, Anita Silwal had actually made a starring star credit for 4 extremely hit function motion pictures. She was granted by the prime minister for her performing.

Due to continuing discontent in Nepal, the nation was more in requirement of impartial journalism and she went with it. She signed up with a nationwide news channel, News 24 as a Speaker, Talk Program Host and Manufacturer. Her talk programs which attended to the political, social and advancement concerns after the discontent were preferred. Her program assisted individuals to raise awareness on federalism and other constitutionalism aspects. With a vision of being a voice to the voiceless, Anita Silwal has actually performed lots of interviews with diplomats, UN authorities, high-ranking political leaders and federal government authorities.

Ms Silwal was the winner of desirable crowns, Little Girl Nepal (1999) and Miss Teenager Nepal- Runners Up (2007). Ms. Silwal served at Environment for Mankind and led the Asia Pacific Regional Project where she set in motion over half a million individuals, and designated stars to raise awareness. As an outcome, they had the ability to reach a million individuals. Currently, Anita serves in the City of Lakeland Florida where she arranges, establishes and execute programs and services to help in actively reacting to area concerns.

Her Neighborhood Engagements

Welcome Womanhood

Her non-profit, Invite Womanhood started in early 2016 as an extremely basic concept, assisting women to gain access to womanly health items, and it took a complete fledge shape as a non-profit in 2015. They go to schools and launch awareness classes. They have actually partnered with Engineers without borders at University of Florida, Girls Scout, Alachua, FL and others to offer women with hygienic sets.
Invite Womanhood just recently presented the Ambassador program in addition to scholastic mentoring, scholarships and outreach occasions. They have likewise started a talk series with neighborhood modification makers, who are the genuine heroes of the neighborhoods to motivate women.

Having actually experienced that even in case of hardship, there are skilled women simply awaiting an opportunity: some doing not have fundamental aspects in life, some not having a chance to go to school and, yet others neither having somebody to motivate them nor a platform to speak or compose; Anita thinks everybody is worthy of an excellent life and whenever she can support or motivate a single woman to develop a distinction, she should do it.

In future, they intend to connect to the rural neighborhoods throughout the world, particularly in locations where women do not have access to correct womanly health, connecting to those who are unable to participate in schools and to those who are all set to be future leaders however do not have platforms to compose and speak.

Her Tips to the Youth

In Asia particularly, we are raised with non-traditional mentor “What will the society state, if I do this or that?” Never ever let the so called society’s judgement cloud your self-esteem and guts to attain what you have actually imagined. If you think in yourself and understand where you are going, you do not need to trouble what society believes or discusses you.

Constantly set an objective and have a Strategy B. Even your exceptional concept may stop working for unmatched factors. Constantly have something to fall on back if strategy does not work. Be durable in the face of failure. You may break down, and it’s fine if you drop and lose your trigger. However, make certain when you get up back increase like a phoenix.

You can get in touch with Anita Silwal on Facebook! Instagram! and LinkedIn!

Find Out More about her non-profit, Welcome Womanhood


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