Due Date: June 23, 2019

Use to participate in “ African Crossroads 2019: Sense the City.” African Crossroads is a participant-driven occasion, throughout which you can provide material, arrange a workshop, display an art work, show a development, do an efficiency or share other concepts!

African Crossroads, a four-day occasion provided by Hivos, will collect 150 individuals from November 20 to 23 in Mombasa, Kenya, to link, work together, and check out the variety of African cities in all its multi-sensory elements. How do the African cities these days and tomorrow noise, taste, feel or move, and how do these cities notice us in return? On November 23, they will display their findings.

Are you living or operating in Africa, and thinking about checking out advanced patterns in art, innovation, style, and entrepreneurship coming out of the continent? Would you like to sign up with a neighborhood of future-looking Africans working to favorably form Africa’s future? Apply to participate in “African Crossroads 2019: Sense the City,” which will occur on November 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2019 in Mombasa, Kenya.


African Crossroads is a neighborhood of future-oriented African thinkers and doers which fulfills each year to exchange and seriously review the most advanced entrepreneurial, clinical, creative, and technological advancements anchored in African intellectual and technological customs. Through style exhibits, stimulating workshops, art setups, and more, this three-day occasion will trigger deep conversations about the most recent creations and developments in science, art, and innovation.

Organized by Hivos, African Crossroads assembles an annual, cross-continental and multidisciplinary event for African artists, business owners, computer system researchers, designers, scientists, and thinkers to exchange understanding and to favorably form the future of African societies.

Become part of a neighborhood of thinkers and doers who are forming Africa.


  1. TRACK # 1– TASTE: This track will concentrate on the most recent advancements, business, and developments in metropolitan food to reveal the taste of the African cities. What is street food and sustainable food in the 21 st century?
  2. TRACK # 2– NOISE: This track will concentrate on the voices of the African cities, the narrative history, writers, music markets etc. on the continent. What are the noises of the African cities?
  3. TRACK # 3– FEEL: This track will concentrate on the metropolitan material of the city. How do we feel the city? What is the skin of the city? We will check out style and other methods the city touches us.
  4. TRACK # 4– RELOCATION: This track will concentrate on the motions and energy of the African cities, and will trigger conversations on energy streams, metropolitan transports and logistics. How does the city move us?


  • African thinkers and doers who are forming the African continent in different markets such as service, arts, sciences.
  • You need to be living or operating in Africa
  • Have an interest in checking out advanced patterns in art, innovation, style, and entrepreneurship coming out of the continent
  • Please keep in mind that the primary language of the occasion will be English. They can accommodate those who feel more comfy providing in French through translation.


  • Submission of application through online type by June 23, 2019 by 5pm (EST)
  • Candidate choice is made by a curatorial board in between June 24 and July 15, 2019
  • Chosen prospects are informed by July 19, 2019

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