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Use to sign up with the African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network2019 They are searching for volunteers with numerous abilities to deal with the Workplace of the Youth Envoy (OYE) throughout its present two-year required. They invite young, enthusiastic and imaginative individuals from throughout Africa and in the diaspora to use.

The Youth Envoy objective is to lead advocacy and champ youth company in the prioritization of youth problems within continental and other decision-making and governance areas. In attaining this objective, the Youth Envoy will carry out the following activities:

  • Inclusive and Significant Engagement and Involvement: Boost and enhance the capability of youth (consisting of marginalized youth, and girls and ladies) to effectively gain access to and engage with the African Union Commission through the advancement and promo of structured systems for youth involvement at nationwide, local and worldwide levels.
  • Advocacy: Supporter for and increase local, continental and worldwide awareness and attention to problems that are necessary to African youth and set in motion youth in attaining Program2063, promoting African worths throughout the continent and beyond. Make sure youth have the ability to promote on their behalf and establish intergenerational collaborations to advance their advocacy efforts.
  • Collaborations: Engage Member States, the economic sector, scholastic organizations, media and civil society, consisting of youth in the AUC, on youth programs in addition to assisting in multi-stakeholder collaborations on youth problems. Construct tactical collaborations and trustworthy working relations with various stakeholders. Promote intergenerational discussion in order to guarantee the sustainability of collaborations.
  • Coordination: Enhance the coordination of the adoption of African Youth Charter in AU member States and support its application at nationwide, local, and regional levels. Assist coordinate efforts for the adoption of policies and actions that promote youth involvement and engagement in regional, nationwide, local and worldwide advancement.


  • You will have the ability to do possible change-making overcome the OYE
  • You will enhance your present abilities and grow expertly by assisting discover services to particular locations you are associated with
  • You will enter into and get in touch with a remarkable network of similar youths from throughout Africa from numerous backgrounds with numerous ability
  • Upon the effective conclusion of your complete dedication, you will get a recommendation letter form the OYE for your expert, self-development or academic usage


  • Candidates need to be young, enthusiastic and imaginative individuals from throughout Africa and in the Diaspora;-LRB- ************).
  • They need to be in between 18– 30 years;-LRB- ************).
  • They need to have time and can access the web to team up.


Click on this link to use

To find out more, see African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network

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