Application Due Date: November 1,2019


The ArtsEverywhere Fellowship for Artistic Journalism is a year-long program of assistance for any specific artist/ reporter/ author/ artist/ manufacturer/ cumulative whose work shows a dedication to incorporating innovative practice with strenuous journalistic research study, composing, and multimedia production.

The fellowship will be an extension of a line of questions and body of work ArtsEverywhere has actually been establishing for the previous 2 years– Menstruation of Location While we do not anticipate the work of the fellow to reproduce the stories in the series, the proposed task needs to comply with the methods of reportage and long-form narrative storytelling that have actually been established in cooperation with independent artists, reporters, and manufacturers in addition to cultural and scholastic organizations, media outlets, and worldwide NGOs. Accepted fellows will get assistance from expert artists, reporters and manufacturers, including our editorial personnel, factors, and commissioned coaches.

Projects concentrated on areas in Africa, Asia, Australia, the South Pacific, South America and the Caribbean, or in under-reported parts of The United States and Canada and Europe will be offered choice, though the decision will be based upon the following: the benefit of the total proposition; quality background research study and evidence of idea; expediency of timeline and last task; showed experience producing engaging non-fiction story, in tandem or through quality creative production; and determined functionality of end product to provide towards favorable social modification in relation to sources and focus neighborhoods. Proposition submissions and last tasks need to be composed in English. All translations will be covered by the fellow.


The fellow will get $15,000 CAD as a cost and $5,000 CAD for travel, devices and other task expenses.

Fellows will be needed to provide a mid-project development report and take part in the 2021 ArtsEverywhere Celebration in a programmatic capability TBD (funds to participate in the celebration will be supplied individually by ArtsEverywhere).

How to Use:

  1. Cover letter (1 page) single spaced, resume/cv, brief bio
  2. Story Pitch (500 words, can be accompanied by appendixes that clarify idea)
  3. Diagram (a drawing/sketch/visual treatment) of your story concept that.
    shows the narrative structure, arc, and connection with sources.
    and prospective partner outlets)
  4. Work samples (2 previous tasks that can be assessed within the specifications of the fellowship goals and requirements)
  5. A letter of recommendation (extra letters will be accepted, however are not needed)
  6. Site, digital portfolio, any links to previous or associated work

Propositions should be sent to [email protected] You will get a verification invoice within 24 hours. Just short-listed applic

For More Infornation:

Go To the Authorities Website of the ArtsEverywhere Fellowship for Artistic Journalism 2019

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