Due Date: October 31, 2019

The ASEAN-Korea Centre, an inter-governmental company mandated to promote financial and socio-cultural cooperation in between ASEAN and Korea, is hosting the 2019 ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest

The competitors welcomes trainees of ASEAN and Korea to share their viewpoints and understanding on ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations. The young viewpoints of the youth of ASEAN and Korea will contribute towards developing a real, real and long lasting collaboration.

Contest Styles

  • ASEAN and Korea in the Emerging Indo-Pacific: With 65% of the world population and over 60% of international GDP, the Indo-Pacific has actually entered the spotlight as it has likewise end up being a primary theatre of China’s Belt and Roadway Effort and the United States’ totally free and open Indo-Pacific technique. As local entities, ASEAN and Korea share the local outlook which naturally leads them for cooperation. In what methods can ASEAN and Korea increase their cooperation to browse through the tides of the emerging Indo-Pacific?
  • ASEAN Connection and Beyond: ASEAN visions “to accomplish an effortlessly and adequately linked and incorporated area that will promote competitiveness, inclusiveness, and a higher sense of Neighborhood” as declared in the Master Strategy on ASEAN Connection2025 A well-connected ASEAN will bring its items, services and individuals together, developing a structure for a more resistant, competitive and flourishing ASEAN Neighborhood. What are the crucial locations ASEAN should concentrate on to meet its connection visions? How can ASEAN Connection accomplish a local combination that will link beyond the ASEAN area?
  • Towards a Mutual Cultural Exchanges: ASEAN Wave in Korea: With increasing interactions and socio-cultural exchanges in between ASEAN and Korea, the understanding of ASEAN has actually been broadening in Korea. Nevertheless, while Korean cultures are extensively spread out in the ASEAN area with the tides of the ‘Korean Wave’, understanding of ASEAN’s special and varied cultures are still in the growing phase in Korea. How can we successfully promote ASEAN’s special and varied cultures in Korea? In what methods can ASEAN and Korea work together to assist in and promote the ‘ASEAN Wave’ in Korea?
  • 30 Years of ASEAN-Korea Relations: Retrospection and Possibility: The ASEAN-Korea relations started with the facility of the sectoral discussion collaboration in1989 Ever since, the relationship has actually broadened and deepened to end up being a tactical collaboration for peace and success in2010 This year, ASEAN and Korea commemorate the 30 th anniversary of their discussion collaboration. How has the ASEAN-Korea relations progressed over the past 30 years? How should the discussion collaboration development forward?


  • Winners will be welcomed to a scholastic workshop to provide their essays.
  • Winners will be used a chance for research study journeys to ASEAN and Korea (4 nights/5 days):.
    • Research Study Journey to Korea– Sees to the ASEAN-Korea Centre, universities, research study institutes, and cultural websites in Korea
    • Research Study Journey to ASEAN– Check outs to the universities, research study institutes and cultural websites in Viet Nam.
    • Travel expenditures will be covered by the ASEAN-Korea Centre.


  • Open to all ASEAN and Korean undergraduate and college students registered in education organizations based in ASEAN or Korea.
  • Applications can be in either English or Korean. Abstract should be composed in English for both English and Korean essays.


  • English.
    • Max. 4,000 words or 10 pages
    • Times New Roman
    • 12- point
    • 1.5 interlinear
  • Korean.
    • Max. 3,000 words or 10 pages
    • 한컴바탕
    • 11- point
    • 1.5 interlinear
  • Abstract: 500 words/1 page
  • Essays should be sent and formatted in Microsoft Word
  • In-text citations should be made in APA (6th edition).


The following are needed for total application:

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To learn more, see ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest

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