Deadline: October 31, 2021

Nominations are open for the Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year 2021. Proudly supported by Singapore biotechnology company MiRXES, the competition seeks to celebrate lab techs and their invaluable contribution to Singapore’s R&D and healthcare ecosystem.

This year, the competition opens with 15 award titles, including five special COVID-19 Hero awards to recognize lab techs who have valiantly contributed to the fight against the pandemic. Winners will receive their prizes at an award ceremony held at the end of the year.


  • Science Communicator Award: Awarded to the lab tech who is passionate about raising awareness on science-related topics (including their own work).
  • Long Service Award (>30 years of service): Awarded to the lab tech who has weathered all storms.
  • Rookie Rockstar Award (1 to 2 years of experience): Awarded to the lab tech who made a great first impression.
  • Mountain Mover Award: Awarded to the lab tech who has overcome great adversities.
  • Super Mentor Award: Awarded to the lab tech who has demonstrated effective leadership.
  • Walking Encyclopaedia Award: Awarded to the lab tech who’s a driving intellectual force in the lab.
  • Super Fixer Award: Awarded to the lab tech they call when things get rough.
  • Congeniality Award: Awarded to the lab tech whom everyone loves.
  • Innovator Award: Awarded to the lab tech who comes up with the most creative solutions for everyday problems.
  • Ace Award: Awarded to the lab tech who is a all-rounded member of the lab.
  • The MiRXES COVID-19 Hero Award (5 winners): Awarded to the five lab techs who have made exceptional contributions to the fight against COVID-19.


Lab techs:

Fifteen outstanding individuals selected by the panel of judges will each receive the following:

  • A S$500 cash prize
  • A certificate of recognition

In addition, five MiRXES COVID-19 Hero Award winners will also win a Banyan Tree Spa Package, courtesy of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts.


Each Lab Tech of the Year will win for their nominating supervisor’s lab:

  • A $300 lab voucher from Abcam
  • A S$500 book voucher from World Scientific Publishing Company


  • Open to laboratory technicians who have a minimum of one-year experience working in the field.
  • Laboratory technicians can be from schools, universities, research institutes, hospitals and industry, such as diagnostic laboratories, contract research organizations and start-ups.
  • All Nominees must reside and work in Singapore. Nominees who cannot produce reasonable evidence of residence or work in Singapore will be disqualified.
  • Nominees can include Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents and foreigners. The Award is not limited to Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents.
  • Nominees for the Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year 2021 must be nominated by their supervisors. ‘Supervisor’ may refer to the group leader, principal investigator or anyone the laboratory technician reports directly to.


Do you know someone who deserves to win an award? Nominate a lab tech today. The deadline for nominations is October 31, 2021.

Click here to nominate

For more information, visit Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year.

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