There are a series of scholarship programs to sponsor global trainees, instructors, and scholars to study and carry out research study in Chinese universities.

These scholarships are established by the Chinese federal government.

Academic programs: programs in science, engineering, farming, medication, economics, legal research studies, management, education, history, literature, approach, and arts for scholarship receivers at all levels

The programs are offered as following:

1. Bilateral Program

This consists of complete or partial scholarships in accordance with the instructional exchange contracts or agreement in between the Chinese federal government and federal governments of other nations, organizations, universities or global companies. It supports undergraduate trainees, college students, basic scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants will use to the dispatching authorities for abroad research study of their house nations.

2. Chinese University Program

This is a complete scholarship for designated Chinese universities and specific provincial education workplaces in particular provinces or self-governing areas to hire exceptional global trainees for graduate research studies in China. It just supports undergrads, postgraduate trainees, and doctoral trainees.

Applicants will use to the designated Chinese universities undertaking this program.

3. Great Wall Program

This is a complete scholarship for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Company (UNESCO) to sponsor trainees and scholars in establishing nations to study and research study in China. It just supports basic scholars and senior scholars.

Applicants will use to the National Commissions for UNESCO in their house nations.

4. EU Program

This is a complete scholarship to motivate trainees from EU member nations to study and research study in China in order to promote good understanding in between China and EU members. It supports undergraduate trainees, college students, basic scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants will use to the Workplace for Education and Culture, Objective of the P. R. China to the European Union.

5. AUN Program

This is a complete scholarship for the ASEAN University Network (AUN) to sponsor trainees, instructors and scholars from ASEAN member countries to study in China and to boost the scholastic exchange and good understanding in between China and ASEAN members. It just supports graduates.

Applicants will use to AUN Secretariat.

6. PIF Program

This is a complete scholarship to sponsor trainees from Pacific island nations to study in China. It supports undergrads, graduates, basic scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants will use to Pacific Islands Online Forum (PIF) Secretariat.

7. WMO Program

This is a scholarship for the World Meteorological Company (WMO) to sponsor global trainees to study and carry out research study in meteorology, hydrology, and water resources guidance and management in China. It just supports undergrads and graduates.

Applicants will use to WMO.


Supporting Classifications

Chinese Federal government Scholarship programs sponsor global trainees, instructors and scholars to carry out degree research studies (bachelor, master, and P.hD.) and Chinese language research study or scholastic research study in organizations of college in China.


Chinese Federal government Scholarship covers both significant research study and Chinese language (preparatory) research study. The table listed below highlights the period of each program.

Supporting Classifications Significant Research study( year) Chinese Language( Preparatory Research study)( year) Period of Scholarship( year)
Undergraduate trainees 4-5 1- 2 4-7
Master’s trainees 2-3 1- 2 2-5
Doctoral trainees 3-4 1- 2 3-6
Basic scholars as much as 1 as much as 1 as much as 2
Senior scholars as much as 1 as much as 1 as much as 2

Direction Language

1. Undergraduate scholarship receivers need to sign up for Chinese-taught credit courses. They are needed to take 1 year preparatory courses in among the 10 universities noted below and to pass the needed test prior to carrying on to their significant research studies.

Undergraduate scholarship receivers can get preparatory course exemption if they finished their secondary education in Chinese or have a legitimate HSK certificate that fulfills the requirements of the host university. Authorities files from secondary schools or a copy of a legitimate HSK certificate need to be sent for a preparatory course exemption application. Please KEEP IN MIND that HSK outcomes stand for just 2 years.

Delegated by MOE, the following 10 universities provide preparatory courses to undergraduate scholarship receivers. They are Tianjin University, Nanjing Regular University, Shandong University, Central China Regular University, Tongji University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Northeast Regular University, Beijing International Research University, Capital Regular University, and the University of International Organisation and Economics.

2. Graduate and non-degree scholarship trainees can sign up for either the Chinese-taught program or the English-taught program if appropriate. Program Browse (By checking out or can assist you discover the program and university you have an interest in.

Scholarship receivers of Chinese-taught programs without appropriate Chinese efficiency need to take Chinese language courses for one to 2 scholastic years to reach the language requirements of their host universities prior to carrying on to their significant research studies. Failure to reach the needed language efficiency will result in the automated termination of scholarship. Chinese language courses will be one year for majors in Science, Engineering, Farming, West Medication, Economics, Management, Legal Research, and Arts, and disappear than 2 years for majors in Literature, History, Approach, and Chinese Medication.

Scholarship receivers of the English-taught programs or those with appropriate Chinese language efficiency do not require to take Chinese language courses.

Organizations and Majors:

Now 289 Chinese universities have actually been designated to enlist global trainees with Chinese Federal government Scholarship, and they provide a wide range of programs. Intro to the universities and the programs they provide can be discovered in the following links.


Supporting Classifications Discipline Tuition( CNY each year) Lodging( CNY each year) Stipend( CNY each year) Medical Insurance Coverage( CNY each year) Overall( CNY each year)
Undergraduate trainees I 20000 8400 30000 800 59200
II 23000 8400 30000 800 62200
III 27000 8400 30000 800 66200
Master’s trainees/ General scholars I 25000 8400 36000 800 70200
II 29000 8400 36000 800 74200
III 34000 8400 36000 800 79200
Doctoral trainees/ Senior scholars I 33000 12000 42000 800 87800
II 38000 12000 42000 800 92800
III 45000 12000 42000 800 99800

KEEP IN MIND: Discipline I consists of Approach, Economics, Legal Research, Education, Literature (Fine Arts left out), History, and Management; Discipline II consists of Science, Engineering, and Farming; Discipline III consists of Arts and Medication.

1. Complete Scholarship covers

  • Tuition Waiver. Tuition funds will be adequately utilized by the host university. It might cover scholarship trainees’ education, administration expenses, and expenditures to support trainee activities.

Lodging: totally free university dorm room or lodging aid.

If the host university needs trainees to reside on school, the university will accommodate the scholarship trainees in a university dorm room (generally a twin space); if the host university allows trainees to live off school, the university will offer monthly/quarterly lodging aid:

ndergraduate trainees (preppies), master’s trainees( basic scholars): CNY 700 each month;-LRB- ********).

Doctoral trainees (senior scholars): CNY 1000 each month.


Undergraduate trainees: CNY 2,500 each month;-LRB- ********).

Master’s students/general scholars: CNY 3,000 each month;-LRB- ********).

Doctoral students/senior scholars: CNY 3,500 each month.

Within the scholarship period, signed up scholarship trainees will get a stipend from their host university every month. Trainees signing up on or prior to the 15 thof the month will get a complete stipend of that month. Those who sign up after the 15 thof the month will get a half stipend of that month. Finishing trainees will get a stipend till a half month after the graduation date. If a signed up trainee avoids of China for more than 15 days due to an individual factor (school vacations left out), his stipend will be stopped throughout his leav.

Detailed medical insurance coverage. (Please check out or and describe Comprehensive Insurance coverage & Defense Plan for Immigrants Remaining In China for an insurance coverage policy.)

2. Partial scholarship covers

One or some products of the complete scholarship.

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