Due Date: November 10, 2019

Do you understand how digital innovations can be utilized in health care to enhance individuals’s lives? Bayer wishes to hear what you believe. Get the Bayer Digital School Obstacle 2019

How digital will Bayer remain in 2030? Digitalization is happening all over and impacts everyone. At Bayer, they ask themselves how they can take advantage of the chances that occur from digitalization. What impacts do you believe all these brand-new digital innovations will have and how will Bayer alter? And how can they be leveraged in the health organisation?

Seize the day to get observed: Bayer might provide to acquire your innovation! Now is your opportunity to find brand-new chances to harness the strengths of digital innovations, be familiar with Bayer from scratch and live our objective: “Science For A Better Life.”

Thematic Locations

Your job might suit among the following classifications:

  • Device & Deep Knowing: An especially interesting topic is artificial intelligence. The concept of cognitive expert system sounds basic yet advanced. Nevertheless, its application at Bayer is showing to be harder than anticipated, and is not completely carried out at today phase. Do you have a concept for a brand-new usage of artificial intelligence in daily work? Could artificial intelligence maybe enhance information quality, automated procedures, and even versatile prices techniques? Could artificial intelligence allow real-time auditing, an advancement that would significantly streamline our everyday work? What concepts do you relate to Artificial intelligence and Bayer?
  • Information Science: Data Science and Expert system are essential research study fields. Technologies in those fields are here to remain and will end up being more vital in the years to come. How can Data Science and Expert system change the life science markets? How can they assist reduce time to market for medications, for instance? Envision the possibilities that integrating the ideal information will give farmers, customers, and clients. Provide your concepts and practical services in this research study location. They wonder about how you see the future of Data Science at Bayer.
  • Cloud & Combination Computing: Everybody understands cloud applications from their individual lives currently. Streaming films, music, or saving photos are daily usages of the cloud. Total IT landscapes are now transferring to the cloud, which brings brand-new obstacles. How can various clouds be incorporated so that they talk to each other? How are streams of information handled? How can end-to-end operation in decoupled systems be guaranteed? How can we make certain information is kept firmly in the cloud? Demonstrate how cloud & combination computing innovations can be incorporated into the IT landscape of a life science business and how end users can take advantage of it. Do you have originalities for the future of Cloud & Combination Computing?
  • IT Security: Nearly every day, there is a newspaper article about an information security breach at a huge business. Information personal privacy and IT security are of utmost significance. Envision the loss of track record if a pharmaceutical business reveals delicate client information from a medical research study. Or picture if monetary declarations, staff member information, or research study outcomes are revealed accidentally. Think of which services can be carried out to increase security and inform us how IT security can be reimagined and developed into the DNA of every system and procedure. In a nutshell: how will IT security modification in the future?


  • 1st Reward winner will provide the most persuading pitch and win a journey to Berlin
    1st– fourth location winners will get expert mentoring: A coach will be designated to each chosen group. All coaches are knowledgeable Bayer staff members who will clarify technical concerns, function as sparring partners to bounce concepts off, and prepare you and your group for the last pitch.
  • Be familiar with Bayer: Getting disruptive and revolutionary concepts and connecting with peers and knowledgeable partners– you will be familiar with individuals operating at Bayer and acquire experience dealing with Bayer.


  • Open to anybody presently registered in college or anybody who has actually finished from an organization of college within the in 2015;-LRB- ******************).
  • Candidates need to be anybody of legal age;-LRB- ******************).
  • Applications can originate from anywhere all over the world.
  • The Individual need to have a computer system to access the Obstacle. The minimum setups and gadgets are:.
    • Processor 1 GHz or greater with 1 Go RAM or greater;-LRB- ******************).
    • 1024 x 768 pixel screen meaning with 65,536 colors;-LRB- ******************).
    • os: Windows XP and Vista;-LRB- ******************).
    • An internet browser that accepts cookies and Javascript function execution: Web Explorer 7 or greater, or Firefox 3.5 are suggested;-LRB- ******************).
    • Flash Gamer variation 9.045;-LRB- ******************).
    • A sound card is suggested, however not needed.


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