Application Due Date: 23: 00 GMT on June 30 th 2019

The BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards acknowledge basic contributions in a broad selection of locations of clinical understanding, innovation, liberal arts and creative production, as noted in these call conditions.

The disciplines and domains of the BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards are:

  1. Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  2. Biology and Biomedicine
  3. Details and Interaction Technologies
  4. Ecology and Preservation Biology
  5. Environment Modification
  6. Economics, Financing and Management
  7. Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  8. Music and Opera


The BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards include 400,000 euros, a diploma and a celebratory art work in each of their 8 classifications.

On the occasion that an award is shared by more than a single person, its financial quantity will be divided similarly amongst all receivers.

All awards, in whatever classification, will undergo the withholding and other taxes recommended by existing legislation, which will be subtracted from their overall quantity.

Prospect Requirements:

Prospects might be several natural individuals of any citizenship, without constraint of number, that have actually made independent or convergent contributions to an offered advance, whether due to an official cooperation (with the candidates coming from several groups) or parallel working.

The awards are likewise available to clinical or cultural companies that can be jointly credited with remarkable contributions to clinical understanding, cultural production or the battle versus environment modification.

Awards might not be approved posthumously.


Self-nomination is not allowed.

Any clinical or cultural company or organization can send.
elections, following their own internal treatments. Amongst them:

  • Scientific or creative societies and companies
  • National and local academies of science or culture
  • Public or personal R&D centers
  • University schools, departments or institutes and research study or mentor institutes
  • Health center departments and biomedical proving ground
  • Schools of music
  • Orchestras, orchestra associations, opera theaters and opera associations
  • Public companies and supranational, nationwide or local.
    companies significantly took part in analysis and/or activities.
    associating with environment modification
  • Other clinical, cultural and ecological companies

Winners of the Nobel Reward in any of its classifications are similarly qualified to choose, as are previous winners of the BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards.

Submission Requirements:

The election duration will open on January 1, 2019 and conclude at 23: 00 GMT on June 30 of the very same year

All elections ought to be sent utilizing the devoted type on the BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards site:

Both elections and the accompanying documents should be sent in English just

On the occasion that numerous companies or people want to.
collectively or coordinately send an election, they ought to designate a.
election organizer who will combine all the products into a single.

For Additional Information:

See the Authorities Website of the BBVA Structure Frontiers of Understanding Awards 2019

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