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Our Young Adult of the Month is Belmamou Diksia Mystere from Chad! Belmamou is a business owner and modification maker devoted to changing rural neighborhoods through entrepreneurship and social advancement. He has more than 10 years’ experience in farming. He is presently the creator and CEO of Agritranscom Sarl. As a volunteer devoted to removing cravings and promoting rural advancement, he established Coop-Agri Minlina, where he trains, coaches, and coaches youth business owners and shares collaboration chances.

He holds a degree in Geological Engineering and has 3 years of working experience for an oil business as a Mudlogging Expert. Mr. Diksia is a service & Entrepreneurship fellows of the YALI Regional Management Center in Dakar and Mandela Washington Fellow2018 He thinks in the African farming transformation, producing a market for African items, and developing a strong and competitive continent.

Read his story listed below and be influenced!


Belmamou Diksia Mystere is a business owner and changemaker devoted to changing rural neighborhoods through entrepreneurship and social advancement. He is the creator and CEO of Agritranscom Sarl, an agribusiness start-up which has actually developed a principle called “Direct-Money-Investment”, a micro-finance system. He was born and raised in a little town called Bellé-Daram in Chad (Central Africa). Farming was his very first profession as a teen.

Mystere revealed an early enthusiasm for farming and management by ending up being the president of his school-based cooperative in 1998 where under his management, they had the ability to raise 500 USD to supply drinking water in each class. In the exact same year, an awful scarcity which struck lots of nations in Africa such as Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad, created his enthusiasm to alter his neighborhood. In his town, many individuals passed away of cravings. He saw individuals searching for grain in sand and females might no longer discover leaves for sauce in the bush. Belmamou being the senior in his household, was sent out every day in the bush to search for mushrooms.

That was when he recognized that each household in a town holds a minimum of a farm, however none might visualize if their harvest would suffice for their household. Maturing, he had actually kept a vision of producing his own business and empowering other individuals in farming. After his graduation, he was hired into an oil business with the endgame of conserving adequate cash to begin his task. In 2015, Mystere lost his task due to the fact that of an oil crisis. He took this as a chance to introduce his company in August 2016 and the rural effort in November 2016 with the vision being to produce: “Financially independent youth and growing households”.

On His Successes

Today his success is credited to rural effect. His agribusiness hybrid company, Agritranscom, is innovating the food market. They developed a sesame seed production, cleansing and industrial system which is supplying micro funding services under the name “Direct-Money Financial investment”. Beyond company, Agritranscom is developing a network of rural cooperatives and companies by supplying training on sustainable farming, entrepreneurship, cooperatives management and links items to markets.

In 3 years of its presence, the endeavor has actually affected through training more than 1500 farmers and is handling the development of 12 cooperatives comprised of 1300 active members. The task was picked for lots of entrepreneurship programs and has actually gone through durations of monetary restrictions relying exclusively on individual contributions and in kind contributions.

This year it won its very first grant of $5000 USD from the Tony Elumelu Structure and the collective fund grant from the Mandela Washington Fellowship where he is an alumni. In 2016, Belmamou took part in the Young African Leaders Effort (YALI), Regional Management Center (RLC) in Dakar, Senegal.

For the future, Belmamou Diksia plans to continue developing the network of cooperatives beyond 2000 actives members in 2020; link those cooperatives, and earnings getting activities and companies to Agritranscom through capability structure and micro-financing services for a worldwide development. The objective being to empower them to see the future by increasing their yield to fulfill this future. Likewise, to develop centers to tidy, offer trustworthiness and benefits to farming items which will increase worldwide and specific earnings. He prepares to contribute actively to African farming transformation, to develop a bridge in between city economy and rural economy, to share info, raise funds and to supply collaboration centers.

On challenges he needed to conquer

Given that he began the task in 2016, Mystere has actually looked for more than 45 funding competitors without success. He chose to fund some activities with his own income as Mud logging Expert. Individuals mocked him for investing his cash for functions of pleasing rural modification and even motivated him to stop as they were persuaded his task was not going to work. He was young, with little cash and without any experience; who was he to start modification? They questioned.

Belmamou Diksia Mystere was nevertheless positive in his vision and he thought he might make things take place. Currently, he utilizes these words to motivate his group “You can not develop modification anticipating that some individuals will invest their cash in it, begin with what you have today, if your task is a fruit of conviction, some individuals will sign up with and you can attain the anticipated effect”.

Tips to the Youth

My mom leads an association called “Li-outanga” which implies “Do it yourself” or “make it yourself”. Advancement requires sincere individuals who are devoted in what they finish with what they have. Prevent producing associations or any company for a self-centered interest. When you are a creator, you are the very first funder. Do it for a sustainable vision, be transparent in the management with partners, partners, and constantly gain from failure. Then you can develop a deserving life.

You can get in touch with Belmamou Diksia Mystere on Facebook! and Twitter!

Find Out More about his company, Agritranscom.


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