Application Due Date: October 15 th 2019

Impact!Africa Social Entrepreneurship Top is a collaboration to speed up social developments to Africa’s many pushing obstacles by Motivating + Connecting social business owners, changemakers, financiers, and other community stakeholders throughout Africa.

on the inaugural Impact!Africa Top of June 2018 in South Africa, the.
2019 Top trips on the visions of both the British Council and.
Ashoka’s effort with Social Enterprises + Entrepreneurship in the Social Development area.

Hosted by the British Council and Ashoka, Effect! Africa 2019 interactive Dialogues + Action will be on:

Main style: Collaborative Financing for Social Development and how to catalyse social development (social business + social entrepreneurship) in Africa through:

  1. Future Funding Designs for Social Development: (1) Funding designs for Africa– (2) Monetary Innovation-The funding continuum: Organizations, product and services; (4) Effect financing/investment;-LRB- **************).

  2. A Structure for Social Development: (1) Growth of African social development market (2) Potentialities, tactical advancement techniques and technical abilities needed; (3) Practical techniques to the advancement of social development, (4) Getting everybody lined up

To Find Out More:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the British Council/Ashoka Africa 2019 Effect! Africa Social Entrepreneurship Top


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