Deadline: September 30, 2018

The BURN Magazine’s Emerging Photographer Fund Grant 2018 is now open for submissions. The EPF grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project, or emerging career. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives.

Burn Magazine revolves around the Emerging Photographer Fund. It is their most important curatorial contribution to the oftentimes chaotic landscape of photography today. By choosing a jury whose lifetimes have been spent in looking at photographs and making photographs, they try to give their Burn readers a distilled version of the best work of all that flows before their eyes everyday. Most importantly their mission is to give recognition to the finest emerging authors out there and to provide some funding to at least a few to keep going and to continue making a mark.

The EPF grant was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Cultural Foundation. Funding for the EPF comes from private donors. Funding for the Fujifilm Young EPF Photographer comes from Fujifilm.


  • $10,000 is given to the recipient of EPF to move forward in their work;
  • In addition, Fujifilm is partnering with BURN Magazine to offer an award, to all photographers. Fujifilm offers a cash prize of $10,000 to the winner.


  • Open to all photographers who are 25 or younger;
  • By applying for the EPF grant you will be automatically eligible for the Fujifilm Young Talent Award.


Click here to apply

For more information, visit Emerging Photographer Fund Grant.

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