Here are the Leading Opportunities for the month of November 2018 as curated by the Opportunities for Africans Group. Delight in!


Commonwealth Expert Fellowships 2019 for Mid-Career Medical Professionals to Research Study in the UK (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date: Monday 3 December 2018

U.S. Department of State Global Undergrad Exchange Program 2019/2020(International UGRAD) for Research Study in the United States (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date:
December 31 st, 2018 5: 00 pm EST.

SevenUp Botling Business Harvard Company School Scholarship 2020 for Nigerians (Completely Moneyed to Harvard Company School)
Due Date:
January fourth 2019

UNICAF Scholarship to study an online degree from the University of South Wales or UNICAF University

Canon Collins Thekgo (Undergrad & Postgraduate) Bursary 2019 for Research Study in South Africa.
Due Date:
17 th December 2018 at 11 pm GMT

Petroleum Innovation Advancement Fund (PTDF) 2019/2020 Abroad Postgraduate (Msc & PhD) Scholarship Plan for research study in UK, France & Germany
Due Date:
December 31 st 2018

US-MEPI/AMIDEAST Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Program 2018/2019 for Trainees from Middle East and North Africa.
Due Date:
December 1st 2018

The Hague University of Aplied Sciences World Resident Skill Scholarships 2018/2019 for Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Research study in the Netherlands (EUR 5,000)
Due Date:
March 31 st 2019

Edinburgh Global Research Study Scholarship Awards 2019/2020 for abroad research study trainees
Due Date:
1st February 2019

The Jim Ovia Scholarship Program 2019 for young Nigerian trainees
Due Date: December 26 th 2018

Loughborough University Graduate School Advancement Trust Africa Scholarships 2019/2020 for Research Study in the UK (100% Tuition Moneyed)
Due Date: 30 April 2019

Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2019 for Prospects from Establishing Nations to study in Belgium (Moneyed)
Due Date:
March fourth 2019

University of Essex Africa Scholarship Program 2019/2020 for Young Africans to study in the UK
Due Date: September 30 th 2019

International Reporters’ Programs (IJP) Southern African Reporters’ Bursary Program 2019 in Germany (3.000 Euro Stipend)
Due Date: February 15 th, 2019

Ashinaga Africa Effort 2019 management program for young African orphans (Completely Moneyed to study abroad)
Due Date:
December 16 th 2018


Canon Collins Educational and Legal Support Trust PAID INTERNSHIP 2019 for young Graduates
Due Date: December 5th 2019

African Company Education Effort for Youth (ABE Effort) 2019 Master’s Degree & Internship Program for Africans (Completely Moneyed to Japan).
Due Date: November 30 th 2018

M-Net Magic In Movement Academy 2019 for striving young Filmmakers & TELEVISION Graduates.
Due Date:
21 January 2019.

ifa CrossCulture Internships Program (CCP) 2019 for young experts from North Africa (Completely Moneyed to Germany)
Due Date:
21 December 2018.

Deutsche Welle International Journalism Traineeship 2019 for Reporters (paid Internships in Berlin and Bonn)
Due Date: January 11, 2019.

CERN Summer Season Trainees Program 2019 for young trainees– Geneva, Switzerland (Moneyed)
Due Date: January 31 st 2019

Sterling Bank Graduate Student Program 2018 for young Nigerian Graduates
Due Date:
December 7th 2018

Unilever Inservice Student Program 2018 for young South Africans
Due Date: December 3rd 2018

UNFCCC’s Action for Environment Empowerment Internship Program 2019 for postgraduate trainees
Due Date:
December 16 th 2018

Thomson Reuters Journalism Training Program 2019 (Middle East & Africa)– Moneyed Training at Reuters, London-United Kingdom
Due Date: 30 th November 2018

Deloitte Nigeria 2018 recruitment for Chartered Accountants: Fresh Graduates & Experienced Accountants
Due Date: Continuous

Investec CSI Young Business Owners International Direct Exposure Journeys 2019 for young South African Business owners
Due Date: November 30 th 2018

ExxonMobil Graduate Engineer Entry-level Recruitment 2018 for young Nigerians

Afrinvest Securities AfriPop Internship Program 2018 for young Nigerians
Due Date: December 7th, 2018


TechWomen Emerging Leaders Program 2019 for Ladies in STEM to study in the United States of America (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date: January 16 th 2019

The 2019 Research Study of the United States Institute for Trainee Leaders on Women’s Management (Completely Moneyed to the U.S.A.)
Due Date: December 28, 2018

World Bank Group XL Africa Company Velocity Program 2018 for high-growth start-ups from Francophone Africa (All-expenses-paid residencies– in Mali and in France)
Due Date: January 14 th 2019

Hult Reward 10 th Year Anniversary Obstacle 2019 for high effect Business owners (grand reward of USD1Million)
Due Date: December 23, 2018.

McCain Institute’s Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program 2019 for emerging Leaders Worldwide (Moneyed to U.S.A.)
Due Date:
February 15 th 2019

Digital Laboratory Africa 2018 for African skills in digital material production (42,000 ZAR prize money & moneyed Residency in France)
Due Date:
January 13 th, 2019

McKinsey & Business Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2019 for Female Trainees & Experts (2,000 Euros reward)
Due Date:
January 14, 2019.

OneBeat International Residency Program 2019 for Ingenious Musicians Worldwide (Completely Moneyed to U.S.A.)
Due Date
: December 21, 2018

Labs by ARM– FinTech focused Accelerator Program 2018 for early & development phase FinTech start-ups
Due Date:
fifth December 2018.

Require application: IRDR Young Researchers Program 2019 (fourth batch) for young scientists worldwide.
Due Date:
December 31 st 2018

UNESCO MGIEP 8th Talking Throughout Generations on Education #YouthWagingPeace Young Peacebuilders’ Workshop 2018– Amman Jordan (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date:
December 9th 2018

TRACE Reward 2019 for Investigative Reporting– Discovering Industrial Bribery (win prize money of $10,000 USD)
Due Date:
January 31 st 2019

World Health Company (WHO) 2018 Africa Development Obstacle Require New Solutions to Enhance Health in Africa (Completely Moneyed to Brazzaville, Congo)
Due Date: Monday, 10 December 2018

Deutsche Telekom Women’s STEM Award 2019 for Female MINT trainees around the world (3,000 euros in cash prize)
Due Date: March 17 th 2019

Harvard GSD Wheelwright Reward International Competitors 2019 for early-career Designers ($100,000 Taking A Trip Fellowship)
Due Date:
January 27 th 2019

World Development Top for Education (WISE) Awards Program 2019 ($ USD 20,000 reward) for education tasks
Due Date: January 15, 2019

American Middle Eastern Network for Discussion at Stanford (AMENDS) Conference 2019 for emerging leaders (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date:
December 15 th, 2018 at 11: 59 PST.

Sage Structure’s Business Fund 2019 for non-profits around the world ($500,000 in grants)
Due Date:
December 7th 2018

TalentMine Refinery program 2019 for young Nigerian undergraduate students/fresh graduates
Due Date:
January 15 th 2019

Rise Require Applications: Youth Champions Effort for youths (Completely Moneyed to California, U.S.A.)
Due Date:
February 28, 2019

Beahrs Environmental Management Program (ELP) 2019 at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. (Partial Scholarships Offered)
Due Date:
December 10 th, 2018

Commonwealth Structure grants 2018/2019 for civil society organisations
Due Date:
7 January 2019 at 5pm GMT.

The Brunel University London International African Poetry Reward 2019 for African Poets (₤3000 reward)
Due Date:
December 12 th 2018

2019 National Geographic Society/Buffett Awards for Management in Preservation ($25,000 grant & Moneyed to Washington, D.C.)
Due Date: November 30 th 2018


The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program 2019/2021 for Future Leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa (Completely Moneyed to Germany)
Due Date: January 11 th 2019

University of Oxford Reuters Institute Journalism Fellowship Program 2019/2020 for media experts (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date: 11 February 2019

Commonwealth Expert Fellowships 2019 for Mid-Career Medical Professionals to Research Study in the UK (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date:
3rd December 2018

Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship 2019 for Mid-Career Reporters (Completely Moneyed to Columbia University in New York City City, U.S.A.)
Due Date: February sixth 2019

Web Society Fellowships to the Web Engineering Job Force (IETF) Program 2019 (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date: December second 2018
Next Einstein Online Forum (NEF) Fellowship Program 2019 for Africa’s finest young researchers and technologists.
Due Date:
27 January 2019

Overseas Advancement Institute (ODI) Fellowship Plan 2019/2021 for young experts (₤21,000/ Year Income)
Due Date:
December 2 nd, 2018

Africa Oxford Effort (AfOx) Checking Out Fellows Program 2019 for African-based Scientist & Academics (Completely Moneyed to Oxford University)

Require Applications: The Civic Hive fellowship program 2019 for young Nigerian Tech Innovators

ICANN65 Policy Online Forum Fellowship Program 2019 -Marrakech, Morroco (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date: 14 December 2018

Machel-Mandela Fellowship Program 2019 for young African graduates (Completely Moneyed to South Africa)
Due Date:
30 November 2018.

CAS-TWAS President’s PhD Fellowship Program 2019 for Research Study in China (Completely Moneyed)
Due Date:
31 MARCH 2019

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) Italian JPO Program 2019 for prospects from Least Established Nations!
Due Date:
14 December 2018

United Nations Workplace for Deep Space Affairs (UNOSA)/ Japan Long-lasting Fellowship Program 2019 on Nano-Satellite Technologies for nationals of establishing nations.
Due Date:
Due Date: 20 January 2019

Al Alfi Structure Sustainable Advancement Fellowship Program 2019 for Egyptians (Moneyed)
Due Date:
April 15 th 2019

Open Society Structure Fellowship 2019 for Ingenious method to Open Society Difficulties
Due Date:

Kinship Preservation Fellows Program 2019 for Conservationists ($6000 stipend and a month of important training)
Due Date: January 8, 2019.

All the very best.

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