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Our Young Adults of the Month are the Nwaogu twin bros! Chidi and Chika Nwaogu are Nigerian Serial Web business owners and computer system developers. Because the age of 19, the Nwaogu twin bros have actually established, grown and offered 2 start-up business. Currently, they are the creators of Publiseer, explained by Konbini as ‘among the biggest independent digital publishers in Africa.’ Chidi and Chika were the keynote speakers at the 2012 IT Leaders West Africa Top where they spoke on the function of social networks and mobile in establishing nations. The Nwaogu twins have actually been included thoroughly in the media for their contributions in ICT in Nigeria.

Read their story listed below and be influenced!


Chidi and Chika Nwaogu equal twin bros, self-taught computer system developers and serial web business owners. Together, they have actually established, grown and offered 2 start-up business particularly Ladies and Gentlemen book, commonly called LAGbook, and PRAYHoUSe, an online Christian prayer energy. They are currently the creators of Publiseer, which was explained by Konbini as ‘among the biggest independent digital publishers in Africa’. Publiseer is a digital publishing platform which lets independent African authors and recording artists to release and monetize their eBooks, audiobooks, tunes and video throughout numerous well– recognized digital platforms worldwide, at no charge, with a click. The digital platform enables authors and artists to monitor their efficiency throughout all the platforms in one location which is a central control panel in Publiseer, and it enables users to get royalties throughout all platforms through Publiseer.

On How They Began

For each start-up the Nwaogu bros established, they state they were influenced by numerous elements and individuals. Their very first Start-up, LAGbook, started as a social media for trainees at their university, the University of Lagos. The social media grew rapidly from absolutely no to 30,000 signed up trainees and alumni within 3 months from creation. With this fast development, they broadened and grew to one million signed up members from over 100 nations. Based On April 17, 2010, LAGbook was obtained in January 2013 by Canadian tech business Gulf Pearl Ltd.

Their 2nd start-up business was PRAYHoUSe, an online Christian prayer energy. PRAYHoUSe amassed over 200,000 users within 6 months and was obtained in March 2014 by a Texan non-profit company, 10 Doves Charity.

The motivation to begin Publiseer followed they came across obstacles in putting their innovative exercise there for the world to see. After offering their 2nd start-up business, Chika ventured into expert music while Chidi ventured into expert writing. Chika and Chidi taped a music and composed a book respectively. After this, their look for a book publisher and record label started. Months down the line, they succeeded with their undertakings, and this was when the motivation to begin Publiseer occurred. Separately, they began as different start-up business. Chidi started an online book publishing platform while Chika began an online music circulation platform. They then chose to fuse these 2 into one distinct business which would cater for both the requirements of independent African authors and recording artists who do not have loan to release their innovative works, normally, those from low-income neighborhoods.

Their Successes and Difficulties

Considering That Chidi and Chika Nwaogu started their web entrepreneurship profession in 2009, they have actually attained a variety of successes. When they were 22, they were welcomed to provide a keynote speech at the 2012 IT Leaders West Africa Top on the function of social networks and mobile in establishing countries.

Apart from growing and offering 2 start-up business, they have actually made numerous strides with their present start-up, Publiseer. For instance, Publiseer was inducted into the global Publishing Circulation Association, a global company of business active in print and digital media, and hence ending up being the very first African publishing business to sign up with the company. They became a finalist for the fourth AppsAfrica Development Awards under the classification of Media and Home entertainment.

They were likewise picked to sign up with Google Ally, an unique Google platform that essentially links appealing, tech-enabled, emerging market start-ups with the “Diaspora+” to close know-how and financing spaces. Publiseer was likewise among the start-ups granted the ‘A lot of Required in the Area’ award by the African Entrepreneurship Award and Union Bank’s Leading 100 SMEs Award. They were likewise picked as one of the start-ups to complete at the Start-up Istanbul Difficulty 2018 in Turkey. Participating in UCT’s Endeavor Incubation Program and emerging a finalist at the Harvard Company School New Endeavor Competitors are likewise their other successes.

Their biggest difficulty as a business is copyright and piracy, which likewise stays among Africa’s biggest issues. To tackle this barrier, they instantly contact the author or artist in their brochure whenever they see their book or tune being offered by a various merchant to confirm if the copyright owners understand. If it occurs to be prohibited, they take legal action versus such merchant. Publiseer does not remove publishing rights of their authors and artists. They can, for that reason, republish and rearrange their innovative works somewhere else without Publiseer’s consent or assistance.

Chidi and Chika with some delegates throughout the IT West Africa Top.

Currently, Chidi remains in Accra, Ghana, while Chika remains in Nairobi, Kenya, where they are dealing with broadening their markets into these nations. They will consequently broaden into South Africa by early2019 Apart from their growth strategies, they plan to introduce “Publiseer for Filmmakers”. This will include filmmakers into the loop. Within the next 5 years, they wish to be the primary go-to energy when it pertains to digital content circulation for African creatives.

Their Tips to the Youth

If you are attempting to resolve an issue in your neighborhood, do refrain from doing it for monetary gain. Do it due to the fact that it’s excellent and due to the fact that you understand you are favorably affecting the lives of others. Be enthusiastic about what you are doing. Make every effort to attain quality and the benefit will can be found in little or no time at all.

You can get in touch with Chidi and Chika (The Nwaogu bros) on LinkedIn!
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