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Our Young Adult of the Month is Chidi Nwaogu from Nigeria! Chidi is a serial web business owner, software application designer, Co-founder, and CEO of Publiseer, a digital publishing platform for African creatives. He was picked as a Westerwelle Fellow 2019, Yunus & Youth Fellow 2019, and he emerged the winner of Start-up World Cup Nigeria Regional Competitors2019 He was shortlisted prospect for Forbes 30 under 30 2019, a finalist for Halcyon Incubator’s Fall 2019 Fellowship and he was the top place winner of the OD Effect Difficulty 2018.

Read his story listed below and be motivated!


Chidi Nwaogu is a serial web business owner, software application designer, Westerwelle Fellow 2019, Yunus & Youth Fellow 2019, and the winner of Start-up World Cup Nigeria Regional Competitors2019 He is a shortlisted prospect for Forbes 30 under 30 2019, a finalist for Halcyon Incubator’s Fall 2019 Fellowship and the top place winner of OD Effect Difficulty 2018.

Chidi started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16 with the production of 9ja Boi Interactive, a computer game advancement business. Today, he is the co-founder and CEO of Publiseer, a digital publisher for African Creatives, explained by Konbini as “among the biggest digital publishers in Africa”, determined by IFC as one of the start-ups “that might accelerate development in Africa” and noted by Modern Ghana as one of the “10 African Developments for January 2019”. Considering That Chidi was 19, he has actually co-founded, grown and offered 2 Web business prior to the age of 25, consisting of LAGbook, a social media network that amassed over 1-million signed up users within 3 years.

On How He Began

After offering their 2nd start-up business ‘PRAYHoUSe’, together with his twin sibling, Chika, they chose to take a break from Web entrepreneurship, and pursue other dreams. Chidi, wished to be a released author, and his twin pursued a profession as a recording artist. He composed an unique entitled ‘Odd Household Out’, and Chika taped a studio album entitled ‘Greater’, and after that, it was time to monetize their effort.

His twin sibling become aware of a music aggregator based in the United States and chose to disperse his studio album with them. They asked for a circulation cost of $99, and he paid right away. After all, he had actually simply offered his 2nd start-up business, however this wasn’t the case for lots of upcoming artistes in Africa. He began a social networks project to raise awareness for his album, and within a month, he had sales of more than $1,200 Now, it was time to get payment, which’s where the issue was available in. The music aggregator mostly pays royalties by means of PayPal, and in Nigeria, and lots of African nations, they can not get loan by means of PayPal, however can just send out loan, that payment approach ran out the image.

He needed to fall back to the only payment approach left which was check payment despite the fact that he understood it would take 2 weeks to get the check and another 3 weeks to get the cash into his savings account. Nevertheless, after 2 months, the check never ever came, so he connected to understand ask what’s triggering the hold-up. That’s when he was informed that he had actually taken the cash. Upon examination, it was found that somebody in Oslo, Norway, had actually utilized a phony ID to take his loan, and Chika was sad. He needed to remove his album and sort for regional methods of money making.

About a year after, he stated to Chidi, “A great deal of independent African artists have actually gone through what I went through attempting to monetize my music worldwide. And I believe we ought to fix this issue for every single African imaginative out there, including ourselves.” Which was when the concept was born. A digital content circulation platform customized for the African creatives, and on August fourth, 2017, they introduced Publiseer, a digital content circulation platform that lets independent African authors and artists, generally from low-income neighborhoods to disperse, promote, secure and monetize their imaginative deal with over 400 reputable digital platforms in 100 nations, at no charge, with simply a single click. They share in the income created from the sales of these works. The creatives get their royalties by means of regional bank payments without any deal cost. Hence making money making hassle-free and safe.

On His Successes

Given that beginning, they have actually assisted over 2,100 African creatives to monetize their imaginative works worldwide, generating over $10,000 every quarter, and for their works at Publiseer, they have actually emerged the top place winner in the OD Effect Difficulty and won the Start-up World Cup Nigeria Regional Competitors. They have actually been granted a co-working area grant by the Lagos State Federal Government, and have actually been accepted into Accelerate Labs by Microsoft, Endeavor Incubation Program by University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Organisation, Ally by Google, and Worldwide Start-up Program by Singularity University.

They have actually been granted the ‘The majority of Required in the Area’ award by the African Entrepreneurship Award, and have actually been acknowledged by the International Financing Corporation as one of the start-ups that might accelerate development in Africa. They were accepted into Westerwelle Fellowship for Young Creators and Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship for Social Business Owners. Just recently, they were picked for the Next 100 African Startups Effort arranged by the Egyptian Ministry of Financial Investment and International Cooperation.

On Obstacles and Future Plans

Piracy has actually been among its biggest difficulties. When they see a various merchant offering a book, tune or movie in their brochure, they call their author, artist or filmmaker to confirm if they understand this, and if they aren’t conscious, they take legal actions versus such merchant. The reason that they call their Creatives initially is that they do not eliminate their publishing rights, which indicates they’re complimentary to republish their works in other places without their authorization.
Copyright Violation has actually likewise been a huge problem for them as often some Creatives plagiarize works of others and sends it for releasing as theirs. To reduce this, they constantly confirm the creativity of any work they wish to release.

Chidi and his group are striving to enhance their item, and to scale their effect throughout Africa. Quickly, they’ll entirely be automating their evaluation procedure utilizing expert system. They’ll likewise be releasing an inbuilt online grammar and spell monitoring program, music mastering program, and plagiarism detection program. Likewise, they will be releasing ‘Publiseer Pro’, which finds, indications and constructs increasing African skills. When they discover an innovative they think in, they provide them a special circulation offer, that includes tactical preparation, marketing, funding, branding, and PR.

His Tip to the Youth

As somebody who wishes to affect your neighborhood, it’s really crucial that you understand ‘why’ than to you understand ‘how’, due to the fact that the individual who understands why is the individual with the vision, and the individual with the vision is the individual who leads those who understand how. As a change-maker, you need to continuously advise yourself why you began your business or company due to the fact that it’s the only thing that will keep you going when whatever appears to be working versus you.

You can get in touch with Chidi Nwaogu on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Find Out More about Publiseer on their site, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.


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