Application Due Date: February 15 th 2019

The Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) job at Columbia University is delighted to reveal the YPS Management program, developed to advance the work of youth leaders around the globe by producing collaborations in between professionals on the ground and research study, theory, and practice from the academy.

This program will: establish rigor in youth, peace, and security.
management efforts to increase efficiency; develop on regional understanding.
and experience to use worldwide; improve practice by grounding it in.
theory in locations connected to YPS; link worldwide, local and regional.
networks by means of our worldwide engagement partners; and support the.
application of the YPS worldwide program. The program acknowledges advances.
in the field and work currently being done within the YPS world, while at.
the exact same time supporting professionals by connecting their work to tools,.
research study and practice in associated fields that will raise and enhance.
their work.

Selected youth leaders will invest 2 weeks in New york city City, June.
3–14,2019 There will be classes, workshops, sees to the UN, and.
more. Upon conclusion of the program, individuals will get a.
Certificate of Involvement.

What You Will Discover

Throughout the program, individuals will:

  • Find out the structures of YPS
  • Talk about ramifications of the YPS program towards a sustainable and tranquil future
  • Boost their understanding of the principles, theory and abilities behind.
    dispute resolution, analytical and intervention practices and.
  • Boost communicative habits and abilities for increasing efficiency as leaders
  • Clarify the crucial function of youth in preserving peace and security
  • Style and carry out a YPS job with their company

Who Needs To Register

  • Youth leaders and professionals thinking about connecting their work to.
    tools, research study and practice in associated fields that will raise and.
    enhance their work

To Find Out More:

See the Authorities Web Page of the Columbia University Youth, Peace, and Security Management Program 2019

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