Worldwide Peace Top is a platform where young peace contractors will collect throughout the world and share their ideas for principle on #PeaceByDialogue GPS is supplying a chance to additional normal young, qualified, passionate and peace contractors from 50+ nations
where they can excel their concepts and get particular plan to achieve sustainable advancement by getting technical assistance.

Conference Style

1. Peace Education: Promoting tranquil ideas which specifies that terrorism and violence has absolutely nothing to do with any caste, color, creed, ethnic culture, area and religious beliefs.
2. Worldwide Citizenship: Promoting youth voice on peace and social justice concerns like human rights, terrorism, 5th generation war and disputes.
3. Signatory Project: Magnify the voice of youth on Peace & Social Justice (1 million voices).
4. Youth Advancement: Supplying youth a platform to excel their management characteristics.


1. Youth in between 16-35 of age (Open to All Citizenships)
2. Enthusiastic to accomplish United Nations Sustainable Advancement Goals.
3. Open minded, extremely encouraged and enthusiastic.
4. Trainees, young specialists are motivate to use.

Interested candidates please use through this link APYouthSGPS

April, 2019|| Johannesburg, South Africa
Due Date: 28 February 2019

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