Due Date: October 1, 2019

Know a non-profit making amazing contributions towards minimizing human suffering? Choose them for the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Reward 2020!

The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Reward is the world’s biggest yearly humanitarian award provided to not-for-profit companies evaluated to have actually made amazing contributions towards minimizing human suffering. The Reward is not just planned to acknowledge and advance the efforts of the recipient company, however likewise to call attention to the around the world requirement for humanitarian help and to motivate others to broaden their assistance.


  • Chosen candidate will get $2 million in unlimited financing.


  • Nominator

    • The nominator must have direct understanding of the chosen company’s work.
    • The nominator might not be an officer or worker– or any other specific getting compensation for his/her services from the chosen company. Board members might choose offering they get no payment for their service.
    • The nominator might not be a member of the family of an officer or worker of the chosen company.
    • The nominator might not be the creator of the chosen company.
    • The nominator might not be a Conrad N. Hilton Structure worker, board member, Reward juror or a member of the family of a Structure worker, board member, or Reward juror.
    • The nominator might not be a Hilton member of the family.
  • Candidate

    • Candidates should be companies, not people.
    • Candidates should be developed, nongovernmental, openly supported charitable companies. U.S. Irs tax-exempt status– or the comparable for global companies– will identify eligibility. (International candidates will be gotten in touch with by the Structure for proper documents.)
    • Candidates should be lawfully developed for a minimum of 5 years in order to be thought about.
    • Candidates should have investigated monetary declarations for a minimum of 5 years.
    • Candidates should have expenses higher than U.S. $750,000 in their latest audited of operation.
    • It is highly motivated that if a candidate has several branch workplaces that the umbrella company be the candidate.

Assessment Requirements

The election letter must stress the company’s achievements instead of future objectives. Both historical and current efficiency must be dealt with. Following are components to think about in explaining your candidate’s work:

  • Amazing contributions towards minimizing human suffering
  • Developed record of accomplishment
  • Presentation of effect
  • Capability to work as a design for other nonprofits
  • Presentation of reliable collaborations
  • Development in program style
  • Organizational capability and administrative performance


As soon as a company has actually been chosen, the Structure will call the candidate straight to request extra info. They highly motivate you to choose a company as quickly as you are able, as your candidate will have restricted time to send products. The actions are as follows:

  • Action 1: Produce an account and password by checking out the Hilton Humanitarian Reward elections portal
  • Action 2: Total the election kind and publish your signed election letter in English. Not to go beyond 4 typed pages in 12- point font style, the signed election letter must point out the factors the candidate should have the Hilton Humanitarian Reward. If you can not publish a signed variation of your letter, please upload it without the signature and either fax or mail a paper copy of the letter with your signature.
  • Action 3: The Structure contacts the candidate for extra info and supporting products.

A nominator might just choose one company annually. If more than one election is gotten for a company, the very first one gotten will be the election of record, unless otherwise directed by the candidate. All other elections will be signed up as letters of assistance; nevertheless, no greater than 3 letters of assistance will be tape-recorded.

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For additional information, see Frequently Asked Questions or see Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Reward

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