Due Date: September 30, 2018

The Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics (CSAAEINC) welcomes applications for the 2018 Emerging Leaders Job (ELP). The goal of the program is to raise a brand-new generation of Nigerian leaders imbued with strong morals and capability needed to browse Nigeria from hardship and underdevelopment.

In 2013, CSAAEINC released the Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP) to react to Africa’s failure of management. The 3-year program is developed to direct youths into activities that establish leaders of character; cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship; promote great governance, openness and responsibility in federal government; and motivate mentorship amongst African youths. ELP concentrates on emerging state and non-state stars usually thought about crucial to advancement. Upon conclusion of ELP, coaches examine development and induct effective mentees into the Centre’s Network of Efficient African Leaders (NEAL).

Upon conclusion of the 3-year ELP, coaches examine development and promote effective ELP graduates to the Centre’s Network of Efficient African Leaders (NEAL). These reliable leaders are supported by CSAAE to run for workplaces, serve in federal government, start business and form public laws. They bear upon each other on great governance, coach emerging leaders at CSAAE and champ social effect tasks in Africa.


For 2018, they are accepting applications in the following locations:

  • Emerging Politicians
  • Emerging Judicial Leaders
  • Emerging Religious Leaders
  • Emerging Magnate (Business Owners)


Effective candidates will kick-off the 3-year complimentary training with an induction event at the Centre’s Structure Conference and Effect supper turning up on November 22, 2018, at Leading Rank Hotel, Federal Capital Area, Abuja, where prominent African leaders will be attending to the future leaders.

  • Management structure experience, house and abroad.
  • Conference every 6 months for 3 years all round the nation.
  • Feeding, transport and lodging all sponsored.
  • Organisation and management mentorship. 5. Required based scholarship.


All candidates need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Should be a Nigerian person aged 16-21 years.
  • Should remain in 100 or 200 level university undergrad.
  • Should not just have a phone or tablet that can-do WhatsApp however likewise need to continually have such phone or tablet and can pay for to be online for our weekly online training.
  • Should have the time to be online every Friday from 7 pm– 10 pm for our weekly training.
  • Should have the ability to take a trip to any part of Nigeria two times annual for our Structure Conferences and Mid-Year Management Portfolio Summits.
  • Should be an ambitious political, spiritual, judicial, media or magnate devoted to the good of Africa.
  • Should have the ability to pass CSAAEINC principles tests.
  • Should be devoted to the typical good of Nigeria and Africa.


Mode of Choice: Composed applications, telephone and in person interviews

Due date for application is September 30,2018 Orientation for picked candidates will begin on November 1,2018 Induction is on November 22 nd at Green Mind Hotel, Abuja. Just picked candidates will be alerted.

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