Due Date: November 10, 2019

Applications for the D-Prize Obstacle 2020 are now open. The D-Prize supports brand-new business owners who increase circulation of tested hardship interventions. The world has actually currently created services and products to end hardship, yet the very best are not being dispersed at mass-scale. Can you develop an organisation or NGO that fixes among the Circulation Obstacles listed below?

D-Prize Obstacles

  • Woman’s Education

    • Sugar Daddy Awareness Obstacle: 14 million unintentional teenager pregnancies take place yearly in sub-Saharan Africa, and women are 5x most likely to be contaminated with HIV. A one-hour “sugar daddy awareness” class lowers these dangers 28%. Can you teach “sugar daddy awareness” classes to women in requirement?
  • Farming

    • Quality Seed Obstacle: Farmers who plant bad quality seeds struggle with low crop yields. High quality seeds that have actually been naturally reproduced to grow quicker, withstand dry spell, and battle illness can double yields. Can you disperse enhanced seeds to farmers within sub-Saharan Africa?
    • Fertilizer Obstacle: The world has actually created a variety of reliable planting strategies shown to increase crop yield. For example, microdosing fertilizer is an affordable approach for using fertilizer and guaranteeing greater crop yield. Can you teach smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa reliable planting strategies?
    • Enhanced farm Practices Obstacle: The world has actually created a variety of reliable planting strategies shown to increase crop yield. For example, microdosing fertilizer is an affordable approach for using fertilizer and guaranteeing greater crop yield. Can you teach smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa reliable planting strategies?
    • Custom-made Farming Obstacle: D-Prize is particularly thinking about dispersing tested farming interventions to smallholder farmers. If you understand of a highly-effective intervention that is backed by reliable proof, we wish to hear your strategy to increase its circulation.
  • Energy

    • Solar Light Obstacle: 600 million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa usage kerosene lanterns to light their houses. Solar lights are less expensive, cleaner, develop expense savings, and boost family earnings by 30%. Can you offer solar lights to rural or slum-dwelling families in requirement?
    • Prepare Range Obstacle: 3 billion individuals prepare on standard ranges, which trigger persistent smoke direct exposure and are the reason for 4% percent of the international illness concern. A $13 contemporary range offers expense savings and health advantages. Can you offer cook ranges and keep long-lasting adoption rates?
  • Global Health

    • Client Recognition Obstacle: Obstetric fistula, cervical cancer, club foot, and cataracts all have reliable treatments. Yet recognizing clients amongst big populations is tough. Can you develop a method to determine clients and link them to early treatment services?
    • Maternal Health Obstacle: Misoprostol is a $3 drug that might avoid 100,000 maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhaging. Can you establish a company to train birth attendants to administer misoprostol?
    • VMMC Obstacle: The occurrence of brand-new HIV infections in numerous nations in Eastern and Southern Africa stays high. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) can significantly minimize the danger of HIV acquisition for guys, and can likewise minimize the danger of transmission of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) to the guys’s partners. Can you establish a company to determine prospects for VMMC and link them to health centers?
    • PMTCT Obstacle: HIV can be sent from pregnant females to their babies. A brief round of antiretroviral treatment (ART) can significantly minimize the danger of mother-to-child transmission. Can you avoid mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV by assisting HIV-positive pregnant females stick to an ART program?
    • Sayana ® Press Obstacle: Lots of females in establishing nations have an unmet requirement for birth control. Sayana ® Press is an injectable contraceptive in a single-use bundle. Considering that the item is easy enough for neighborhood health employees or receivers themselves to administer, it might be especially important for females who choose injectable contraceptives however do not have routine access to health centers. Can you train health suppliers on how to administer Sayana ® Press?
    • Immunization obstacle: Countless babies in establishing nations do not get the regular immunizations advised by the World Health Company. Increased immunization rates in low-coverage locations might avoid a a great deal of youth deaths from avoidable illness. Can you direct 500 caretakers (moms and dads or other guardians) to bring their babies to health centers for regular immunizations that otherwise would not take place?
  • Education

    • Turned Class Obstacle: By 2030 Africa will require to fill a difficult 4.1 million mentor positions. “Turned class” and deskilled curriculum can be run by a facilitator, and minimize the requirement for professional instructors. Can you carry out a reliable curriculum to teach trainees in a resource-limited class?
    • Trainee Checking Obstacle: In sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of kids stay illiterate even after 5 years of school. Checking and public scorecards increase responsibility in bad education systems. Can you introduce a company that evaluates trainee and school efficiency, and makes the details openly offered?
  • Governance and Facilities

    • Transpearency Obstacle: Civil service in establishing nations are swarming with corruption. Public reporting and scorecards develops genuine responsibility. Can you enhance openness and report information on the general public service efficiency?
  • Custom-made

    • Propose your own obstacle: Propose your own obstacle! If you understand of another tested intervention in requirement of higher circulation, we wish to hear it. The only requirements are to pick a currently shown hardship service that needs circulation to more individuals in the establishing world.


  • Approximately $20,000 USD will be granted to chosen candidates to introduce a pilot variation of their brand-new company in any area where severe hardship exists.


  • D-Prize is for striving business owners from throughout the world, of any age, and any background
  • They will think about moneying existing companies just if: you are piloting a brand-new distribution-focused effort, and you require high danger capital.

Evaluating Requirements

The D-Prize evaluating panel is made up of people with expert experience dispersing life-altering innovations in the establishing world.

Candidates are assessed based upon:

  • Enthusiasm and capacity for prospect’s success, as apparent by their scholastic and expert background, appropriate abilities, and fast management trajectory.
  • Concentrate on circulation. Propositions need to concentrate on dispersing a tested hardship service that requires higher gain access to in the establishing world.
  • Possible for scale, based upon the organizational design proposed in the principle note and the business owner’s desire to devote and grow

Examination Process

  • Round 1: Send your principle note and resume( s).
  • Round 2: Leading 5% of business owners are welcomed to send a complete 10 page proposition. You will have 4 weeks to send.
  • Last Round: Leading business owners interview. Winners will get approximately $20,000 to introduce.
  • Release: Invest the next 3 months utilizing your skill to begin an endeavor and aid countless individuals.


Download the application package prior to you go on to use.

  • Prepare your principle note and resume( s), and plainly call your files. Idea notes and resumes can be different files. Files need to be PDF and are restricted to a size of 4MB each.
  • Input your contact information and submit your files here

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