Application Due Date: March 31 st 2019

The DAAD awards financing to Sub-Saharan African trainees for Master or PhD degrees in their house nation or in another Sub-Saharan African nation outside their house nation. These In-Region scholarships cause movement of scientists in between Sub-Saharan African nations and capability structure at African universities.

DAAD In-Region scholarships are normally granted for particular disciplines. In South Africa, for example, other Sub-Saharan African Nationals can get a Master degree in human rights law with an In-Region scholarship at the Centre for Human Being Rights(CHR) based at the University of Pretoria. Similarly, a South African person might get a In-Region scholarship for a PhD in Advancement Research Studies at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research Study(ISSER) based at the University of Ghana. A few of the In-Region scholarships in specific nations, nevertheless, are granted to residents of those very same nations.

DAAD In-Region scholarship holders are qualified for amazing financing chances in addition to the scholarship they have actually gotten for their full-time Master or PhD degree in Sub-Saharan Africa. They might pick to get DAAD financing for a Short-Term Research Study Go To of 2– 6 months to Germany and/or go to among 6 summertime schools available in Germany throughout their financing duration with the DAAD. They are hence able to get experience and network in African nations in addition to in Germany.

In-Region Scholarships in South Africa

The centres or departments at the South African universities listed below.
have DAAD In-Region scholarships offered for postgraduate research study. The.
scholarships at the centres listed below are normally just available to other.
African Nationals. South Africans might get the DAAD-NRF In-Country Scholarship for postgraduate research studies in South Africa.

There are presently no calls open for applications for In-Region scholarships in South Africa.

In-Region Scholarships in Sub-Saharan Africa

Below are open require applications for In-Region Scholarships in.
Sub-Saharan African nations outside South Africa. All Sub-Saharan.
African Nationals might get these scholarships.

Download: 31 March 2019|African Economic Research Study Consortium|PhD|Farming Economics (pdf, 175.91 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Ethiopia|Master|Agroforestry and Soil Management (pdf, 191.47 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Ethiopia|PhD|Peace and Security Research studies (pdf, 174.33 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|Master|Medical-Surgical Nursing, Public Health (pdf, 176.05 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|Master/PhD|Biotechnology, Environmental Preparation, Renewable resource (pdf, 177.37 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|Master/PhD|Computer System Science/Information Innovation, Mathematical Sciences and Financial resources (pdf, 176.73 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|Master/PhD|Education (pdf, 176.78 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|PhD|Health Management (pdf, 175.79 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|PhD|Pest Science (pdf, 175.93 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|PhD|Mathematics (pdf, 192.37 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Kenya|PhD|Mechanical Engineering, Infotech (pdf, 176.84 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Sudan|Master|Household Medication (pdf, 179.79 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Tanzania|Master|Law (pdf, 175.89 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Tanzania|PhD|Urban Preparation, Real Estate, Developed Environment Analysis (pdf, 212.26 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Uganda|Master|Public Health (pdf, 191.08 KB)

Download: 31 March 2019|Uganda|Master/PhD|Plant Breeding, Environmental and Natural Deposit Management (pdf, 178.14 KB)

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Go To the Authorities Website of the DAAD In-Region Masters & PhD Scholarships 2019/2020

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