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Get the DataHack for Financial Addition (DataHack4FI) Development Competitors 2019 The DataHack for Financial Addition (DataHack4FI) is an African development competitors that motivates financing, tech and information lovers to team up in utilizing information and analytics to resolve service obstacles and extend monetary services to underserved neighborhoods.

The DataHack4FI Development Competitors promotes using information and information analytics to resolve obstacles experienced by people or neighborhoods. The competitors motivates Pan-African cooperation by producing chances for information lovers and emerging tech business to partner in establishing services that attend to regional monetary and financial inclusion-related obstacles.

Competitors Format

Taking part tech business will be coupled with an information lover and these groups will have access to mentorship from information science and service professionals throughout the competitors. Groups will require to engage with appropriate information to create ingenious products/services, which will be evaluated throughout the in-country finals. The most appealing groups will advance to the 2nd phase of the competitors, where they will display their model services to the judges at the Grand Ending.


  • In-country winners each get US$ 5,000 in seed capital
  • In-country winners + runners-up are sponsored to participate in Grand Ending
  • Grand Ending winning group gets US$ 25,000 in seed capital
  • Certificate of involvement granted to paired information lovers


  • Stratup need to be a signed up, post-revenue tech service
  • Should have an item presently in the market
  • Should display a scalable service design and aspiration for development
  • Should have produced information that supplies significant insight which allows the advancement of brand-new or better products/services targeted at advancing monetary and financial addition

DataHack4FI option requirements:

  • Service need to attend to a regional difficulty associating with monetary and financial addition
  • Service need to represent a recently established product/service or an improvement of existing offerings (NB: established through ingenious information utilize)
  • Proposed option needs to be feasible and need to show prospective for release to market

Choice Requirements

The total DataHack4FI Season 3 winner will be chosen based upon:

  • Engagement with information science in option style
  • Practicality of business
  • Prospective effect in regards to monetary and financial addition


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