Application Due Date: June 30 th 2019

The idea of the “living jungle” will be the guide for this workshop, which will happen in December in the area of the Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) welcome native leaders from around American, Asia and Africa to take part in the Third Global Indigenous Workshop, which will happen in December 2019 in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

A group of 15 native leaders will.
be picked to take a trip to the area of the Sarayaku, a neighborhood.
situated in the south-central area of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The.
Sarayaku are defined by their resist markets that,.
without previous assessment, effort to check out and make use of petroleum in.
their jungle.

The workshop, which will last one.
week, looks for to construct networks in between native neighborhoods, in addition to.
offer an environment in which members of unique neighborhoods can.
share techniques for reacting to typical difficulties.

This year, individuals will talk about a subject of universal issue: the battle versus environment modification and extractive markets to safeguard forests and jungles. This style was influenced by the idea of the “living jungle” or Kawsak Sacha, established by the Sarayaku neighborhood.

With training sessions and workshops.
on tactical lawsuits, social mobilization, multimedia interaction.
and advocacy in human rights and the rights of native neighborhoods,.
the workshop looks for to empower native leaders with powerful tools for.
protecting their areas and for defending the survival of their.

The sessions are led by social.
leaders and global professionals with a large range of experience in.
advocacy and research study on the rights of native neighborhoods.

  • Develop networks in between native activists and companies in the Global South
  • Strengthen.
    individuals’ capabilities in analysis, advocacy and mobilization through.
    training sessions and cumulative reflection on these subjects
  • Develop a worldwide technique for promoting and protecting areas and “living jungles.”
  • To get involved, you should be a leader of a native neighborhood from the Americas (consisting of the United States and Canada), Africa or Asia, with previous experience in the defense of neighborhood rights.
  • You should be in between 25 and 40 years of age, and be associated with a native neighborhood company.
  • Similarly, you should have an interest in enhancing and developing understanding around the defense and defense of the rights of native neighborhoods, improving networks of uniformity in between various causes and taking part in a long term legal and political technique.


The expense of the journey, transport, real estate, workshop products and food will be covered for all individuals.

  • There will.
    be translation in between Spanish and English throughout the workshop;.
    for that reason, it is required that the candidate has a high level in at.
    least among these 2 languages.
  • The.
    candidate needs to send a recommendation letter from the native.
    company for which they work. This letter ought to consist of the.
    candidate’s name, the position they hold and their main responsibilities.
    ( Please send the letter as a Word file, PDF, or.txt file.)
  • The.
    candidate needs to likewise send a text (optimum 2 pages, size 12 font style, 1.5.
    spacing), video or radio program that provides among the cases that.
    they are dealing with. This submission ought to describe the candidate’s function.
    in the event, the technique being utilized, the outcomes (accomplished or.
    anticipated) and the methods of assessment.
  • Send out all files to the Info Center for Previous Assessment at [email protected] prior to June 30, 2019.

Choices will be revealed in the very first week of August.

For Additional Information:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Dejusticia Third GLobal Indigenous Workshop 2019

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