Application Due Date: April 1st 2019

Effect Makers and Developers is a fully-funded, three-month organisation accelerator for ideation-and-growth-stage social and imaginative business owners.

The program will support business owners to construct their services, make their effect sustainable and reach broader neighborhoods and recipients through their work.

Effect Makers and Developers is an enthusiastic program that will deal with 120 Ideation-and Growth-Stage social and imaginative business owners in Cape Town and Johannesburg and support them in developing their social and imaginative services, make their effect sustainable and reach broader neighborhoods and recipients through their work.

Effect Makers and Developers provides social imaginative business owners:

a finding out program by international social business specialists

high effect organisation advancement assistance

extensive training from effective imaginative business owners

financing preparedness

chances for access to market

2 program chances in Johannesburg and Cape Town:

An ideation: developing an innovative social business– You.
are a business owner who has an excellent idea/start-up for an innovative.
organisation that likewise makes a distinction. You wish to construct a feasible.
organisation design, with social effect integrated in.

Development and scale phase: growing an innovative social business– You.
are running an innovative social business and you wish to scale, or you.
are running an innovative organisation and wish to concentrate on structure in.
social/community effect into your organisation design.

Recruitment Requirements

social business owners (business owners with a service idea/business in.
the imaginative market that has both a social (effect) or ecological.
and market focus. The objective being simply as crucial as the return) who.
reside in Jhb and Cape Town and are delighted to take their idea/growing.
business to the next level

  • Social and Creative business owners.
  • Reside in JHB or CT.
  • Social Creative services that can scale.
  • Show management ability in the neighborhoods in which they run.
  • Inspired to accelerate their organisation.
  • Ideally Youth (18-35).
  • Ideally Female.
  • Formerly disadvantaged or recipients of the social business are formerly disadvantaged.
  • Strong sense that business entity has effect or capacity to have effect.
  • South African Resident — To be talked about.
  • Companies that fit the following phases:.

    • Concept {The owner has actually not fine-tuned business concept}
    • Early phase start-up- pre-revenue {The start-up has actually not made money from consumers or client activity}
    • Early.
      phase start-up- post- earnings earnings {The start-up has actually started creating.
      sales and overcoming phases of performance and scale}
    • Scale- up {Business is scaling up}
  • Service Sectors:
    • Farming
    • Health Care
    • Infotech
    • Carrying out arts (dance, music, theatre, drama, choreographer, comic)
    • Innovative Arts (Visual arts, architecture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, illustrator, colourist, great artist, pottery, art history, arts management, art)
    • Innovative Style– Style (Haute Couture, Textiles, Colour expert, Outfit designer, designer, style management)
    • Innovative Style– Interior decoration (set decoration, prop designer, interior designer/ style, phase designer
    • Innovative Style– Graphic Style (visual interaction and analytical through using typography, photography, page design and illustration to develop visual structures. Utilizes: typography author, indication author, business style( logo designs and branding), editorial style (publications, papers and books), method finding or ecological style, marketing, website design, interaction style, item product packaging and signs
    • .

    • Innovative Style– Movie production (Cinematographer Movie & Videographer)
    • Innovative Style– Radio, TELEVISION & Marketing market
    • Innovative Style– Innovative writing, publishing or journalism (literature– drama, poetry, prose, tune author, script author, graphic author, graphic author)
    • Innovative Style– Crafts artist (crafter, glass artist, furnishings designer, mural artist, Graffiti artist, Jewellery designer)
    • Innovative Style– Digital imagination (animator, app designer, computer game designer, site designer, digital illustrator, publication design designer, multimedia artist, unique impacts designer)
    • Other art: Floral designer, Food stylist, makeup artist, photo , toy designer, celebration organiser, phase director and wedding event organizer, video game
    • Heritage
    • Software/electronic publishing
    • Cultural education

Knowing program:

Ideation stage program: Producing an Imaginative Social Business

  • Ending up being an innovative social business owner.

    • What modification do you wish to make in your neighborhood and nation? (2 days).
  • Self-leadership and durability (2 days).
  • From concept to organisation design and Practical Item (1 day).
  • Expenses and earnings (1 day).
  • Marketing (1 day).
  • Pitching and selling (1 day).

Development stage program: Growing an Imaginative Social Business

  • Where imaginative fulfills social: Making favorable effect in your neighborhood and nation through your imaginative business. (1 day).
  • Leading self, leading groups and leading your business (3 days).
  • Method and organisation design (1 day).
  • Advanced marketing (1 day).
  • Financial management & getting financing all set (1 day).
  • Pitching and selling (1 day).

For Additional Information:

See the Authorities Website of the Effect Makers and Creators Accelerator Program 2019

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