Application Due Date: April 13 th 2019

In 2017 and 2018 alone, populations around the globe were exposed.
to heatwaves (in Japan and the UK, for instance), serious.
flooding (in China, France and India), wildfires (in Greece, Sweden and.
the U.S.A.) and hurricanes (in Japan, the Philippines and the U.S.A.).

Environment modification effects health both straight and indirectly. A few of.
the health effects related to the environment crisis consist of.
breathing illness, vector-borne illness, heat strokes, psychological.
health problem and others, as discussed in the most recent report on Health &.
Environment Modification released by the World Health Company throughout POLICE24

This year, in collaboration with the World Health Company, Environment Tracker is releasing an interesting photography competitors to highlight the effects of environment modification on human health.


Everyone is welcome to take part! We are searching for gifted.
professional photographers from around the globe who can reveal problems associated with.
health, environment and advancement through their pictures.


8 winners will be picked to produce a photostory (30– 35 pictures) about the effects of environment modification on health.

After finishing the photoshoots, the 8 winners will get a 200 USD prize money

These photostories will be included in an eBook that highlights the work of the professional photographers.

Following the 8 photostories, 1 winner will get a fully-funded fellowship to go to the POLICE25 in Chile on December 2019 with the with Environment Tracker group!

How to use

Are you enthusiastic about photography and environment modification? Program us.
what you got. To use to the competitors, you will need to finish.
your application through our platform which ought to consist of:.

A picture or a photostory (approximately 10 pictures) that reveals the.
obstacles and/or the option to problems associated with health and environment.
modification. By finishing your submission, you verify that you own the.
picture( s) and you consent to move the copyright to the World Health.
Company for non-commercial usages. Your work might be shared on WHO’s.
platforms including your name as the author.

A 200- word paragraph with the concept for the photostory you will produce.
if you are amongst the 8 winners. You can pick among the primary 5 styles.
associated to health and environment modification:

— Air Contamination: you might reveal the contamination from mass transit in a cosmopolitan city, for instance.
— Vector-borne illness: illness such as malaria, dengue, and so on, which impact populations around the globe.
— Environment change-induced catastrophes: how are the neighborhoods being impacted by these climate-induced catastrophes? What kind of adjustment procedures have they begun?
— Food security: you might have a look at problems associated with poor nutrition, farming practices, and others.
— Migration: you can demonstrate how motions of populations due to ecological problems are likewise exposed to illness.


Due date to send your application: April 13
Statement of 8 winners: April 17
Photoshoots: April 24– May 5

To Learn More:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Environment Tracker Health & Environment Picture Contest 2019

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