In 2011, the Equity Group Structure introduced the Wings To Fly program with the generous assistance of The MasterCard Structure with the goal of approving over 10,000 extensive secondary school scholarships and management training to academically talented yet financially and socially marginalized young Kenyans. The program specifies social and financial vulnerability to consist of trainees who have actually lost of one or both moms and dads, trainees whose moms and dads are dealing with HIV or persistent diseases and who are not able to inform their kids, and households impacted by catastrophe such as starvation

The Program has actually been developed to promise to intense,.
deserving kids by providing the chance to get an education.
and resultant advantages consisting of much better instructional results, enhanced.
possibilities of success in life, increased gender equality in secondary.
education, brand-new chances for trainees from backwoods to gain access to.
education and higher social combination amongst trainees.

In addition to a concentrate on scholastic quality and accomplishment, the program’s curriculum positions a focus on abilities advancement and networks to assist trainees be successful in secondary school and beyond. Upon graduation, scholars with high scholastic accomplishments will be picked for internships with Equity Bank. They will belong to an alumni program that hosts yearly conferences and helps with connecting with market leaders.

Eligibility l

The Wings To Fly program targets high attaining yet clingy ( orphan or susceptible) trainees recognized by examining their efficiency at the nationally administered Kenya Certificate of Main Education assessments (KCPE).

EGF, through the District Scholarship Choice Boards (DSSB), utilizes the following choice requirements for the scholarship:

  1. Needs To be Academically Promising– Potential scholars.
    should remain in the leading 5 percentile carrying out trainees in their District.
    in the Kenya Certificate of Main Education (KCPE) assessment.
  2. Needs to be an authentic Orphan or Susceptible Kid (as specified listed below);
  • Kids who have actually lost one or both moms and dads and have no guardian or sponsor to attend to their education; OR
  • Kids whose moms and dads are physically or psychologically handicapped and are not able to inform their kids; OR
  • Kids whose moms and dads are dealing with HIV/AIDS or other persistent devastating health problem and are not able to inform their kids; OR
  • Kids from households impacted by natural catastrophes such as flooding, dry spell, and starvation or civil dispute and are not able to inform their kids; OR
  • Kids who have actually suffered disregard and/or desertion; OR
  • Kids with moms and dads living under severe hardship and are not able to inform their kids.


The program uses an extensive scholarship bundle that consists of.
tuition, books, uniforms, transport and spending money.
for all 4 years of the trainee’s secondary.
education. Scholars likewise get management advancement, profession.
assistance and mentoring to.
guarantee they accomplish their complete capacity.

To Find Out More:

See the Authorities Website of the Equity Group Structure Mastercard Structure Scholarships 2019

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