Due Date: November 18, 2018

Applications are open for the EU-EaP Academy for Next Generation of Scholars in European Research Studies in Kyiv, Ukraine. February 11-15, 2019 The EU-EaP Academy will combine doctoral trainees and early-career scholars, who focus on EU or EU-EaP-related subjects.

The objective of this joint effort is to integrate scholastic and specialist competence on how all 6 EaP nations comply with the European Union in various fields within the structure of the Eastern Collaboration and other pertinent multi- and bilateral efforts. The EU-EaP Academy will resolve core concerns associated with the function of the EU in Eastern Europe, check out various elements of the relations of the EU with particular EaP nations, upgrade on the application of Association Agreements, take a look at crucial domestic and external obstacles obstructing EU-EaP contacts, go over future circumstances for EU-EaP relations.

< p class =" zw-paragraph" data-textformat=' {" ff ":" calibri,carlito,sans-serif"," fgc":" rgb(31, 56,100)"," size":"120"}' data-window-control-info=" real" data-writer-border-info=' {" border-sides":[]}' data-doc-id="4397000256594117" > Individuals will get the first-hand details about the relations of private EaP nations with the EU, improve both research study and mentor quality, strengthen abilities associated with their combination in scholastic and public life.

The EU-EaP Academy will integrate a series of motivating lectures with soft abilities workshops, vibrant group activities, and private discussions of research study jobs. Unique session will concentrate on Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities to motivate the involvement of young scholars. A variety of memorable gatherings will be arranged to support networking and follow-up activities.

< p class=" zw-paragraph" data-textformat=' {" ff":" calibri,carlito,sans-serif"," fgc":" rgb(31,56,100)"," size":" 12.0"}' data-window-control-info=" real" data-writer-border-info=' {" border-sides ":[]}' > The welcomed speakers are the worldwide acknowledged scholars, top-level authorities, civil society leaders from the EU and the 6 EaP nations. This not-to-be-missed occasion– loaded with the cutting edge context and insights on the EU-EaP relations– will be a vital resource for doctoral trainees and early-career scholars in field of European Research studies.

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  • )}’ > The Jean Monnet Task will supply a variety of scholarships for people of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine covering taking a trip, lodging and meals.
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    ” border-sides”:[]}’ > Prospects from other nations are welcome to get involved, however are anticipated to cover expenditures by their own. A sensible individual contribution for expenditures on chosen gatherings is gotten out of the individuals. (******************* ).(********************** ).< p data-textformat=' {" ff":" calibri,carlito,sans-serif", "fgc":" rgb(31, 56, 100)"," size":"120 "}' data-window-control-info =" real" data-writer-border-info=' {"border-sides":[]} '> Advantages

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      “:” rgb(31,56,(******************************************* ))”,” size”:”120″}’ data-window-control-info=” real” data-writer-border-info=’ {” border-sides”:[]}’ > The most effective individuals will be welcomed to the International Conference” Assessing the future of the EU-EaP relations: Young Scholars’ Voice” arranged for June2019

      < li data-textformat=' {" ff":" calibri,carlito,sans-serif"," fgc":" rgb(31,56,100)"," size ":"120"}' data-window-control-info=" real" data-writer-border-info=' {" border-sides":[]} '> Upon ending up the program, the individuals will get a certificate of conclusion of the EU-EaP Academy in the structure of the Erasmus + Program– Jean Monnet Task.

    Details on the place and logistics will be supplied to accepted individuals at a later phase. They are anticipated to send the draft of their research study( as much as2500 words) by February 1,2019

    Eligibility(*********** ).

    The EU-EaP Academy is open to doctoral trainees and early-career scholars( within 5 years from the conclusion of their PhD) whose research study interests cover EU or the EU-EaP-related subjects. Prospects should have a working understanding of English



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    • A summary of your research study subject on EU or EU-EaP-related problems( as much as500 words)

    < p class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat =' {"ff": "calibri,carlito,sans-serif", "fgc": "rgb(31,56,100)", "size":"120"}' data-window-control-info="real" data-writer-border-info =' {"border-sides":[]}' data-doc-id ="4397000256594117" > Online application is here

    Please send your CV and research study overview at e-mail [email protected]


    For more details, go to EU-EaP Academy


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