Application Due Date: December second 2018

Exposition Live is a development and collaboration program introduced by Exposition 2020 Dubai to money, speed up, and promote imaginative options that enhance lives while maintaining our world. Exposition Live will harness the assembling power of a World Exposition to show how developments originating from all locations and individuals can advance the speed of development and motivate a more inclusive and thriving future.

With an allotment of USD 100 million, Exposition Live will integrate grant programs,
development difficulties and understanding sharing occasions to promote partnership
and to offer technical help and direct exposure to the innovators in the run-up
to Exposition 2020 Dubai.

Exposition Live’s flagship Development Effect Grant Program will award injection funds as much as USD 100,000 to support the development of social business, start-ups and grassroots jobs from worldwide whose options produce social worth and remain in line with Exposition 2020 Dubai’s subthemes of Chance, Movement and Sustainability. Opening for submissions two times a year, the program backs business that provide imaginative options to pushing difficulties that effect individuals’s lives, or assist maintain the world– or both.

The Development Effect Grant Program searches for jobs that require assistance to reach their complete capacity. This is by supplying much-needed financing, company assistance and promo to both industrialized and less industrialized markets. This develops a platform and chance for understanding exchange and co-creation. Financing levels will depend upon the phase of maturity and scalability of developments, its capability to carry out and grow, and the degree of its effects to name a few.

Beyond grant financing, effective grant receivers will likewise have access to networking and collaboration chances, marketing and interactions direct exposure, in addition to extra financing, allowing their options to be showcased throughout Exposition 2020 Dubai. The program will likewise construct collaborations with regional company incubators, accelerators, coaches and financiers in order to enhance and promote active and efficient communities.


  • The Grant Program is an inclusive program open up to issue solvers from worldwide varying from social business owners, SMEs, non-for-profit organisations, and federal government associated entities.

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