Due Date: June 27, 2019

The Denis and Lenora Foretia Structure is pleased to reveal the launch of a pilot Public Health Research Study Grant Effort targeting young scientists in Cameroon. This pilot grant is focused on promoting health research study and research-driven health policies in the nation.

The absence of financing and technical guidance have actually been significant obstacles to health research study and advancement in Cameroon and the Main African sub-region. Young scientists due to this obstacle, are not able to establish and release possibly ground breaking concepts which might act as the proof required to modify existing yet stopping working health policies, or establish brand-new and evidence-informed policies.

The Foretia Structure through this effort, means to begin bridging the existing space, by offering young scientists with funds to cover research study operate in any health care related subject. 10 to 15 grants will be granted in this pilot stage. The health research study grant effort will not just support young Cameroonian scientists, with the funds required to cover expenditures sustained from research study, however will similarly offer them with the chance to deal with, and be mentored by research study specialists from the structure.


  • Funds offered will depend on an optimum of 500,000 FCFA per research study job.


  • Candidates need to be aged 40 years and listed below at the time the application of the grant is being sent;-LRB- **************).
  • Be a Master’s or PhD trainee (in a health-related field), or be a holder of a Master’s degree or PhD (in a health-related field) acquired within the last 10 years;-LRB- **************).
  • Be local, studying or operating in Cameroon;-LRB- **************).
  • In scenarios where a task is to be performed by a group of collaborators/researchers, the lead or primary detective will act as the grant candidate, and will be needed to meet the above noted requirements.

Choice Requirements

Choice requirements taken into account will consist of the following:

  • Expediency: How expediency is the research study job in accomplishing its goals?
  • Principal detective: Is the primary detective gotten approved for the grant? How reliable is the application file of the candidate for the research study job to be understood?
  • Significance: The possible effect of the research study job on pushing healthcare and health policy associated difficulties in Cameroon. As earlier pointed out, this stays the main objective of the grant. What will be the worth included of the propose research study to existing understanding? Subsequently, research study jobs that satisfy up this requirement are chosen.
  • Method: Proposed research study approaches need to be of a basic such that last documents will be publishable in peer-reviewed scholastic journals or provided in conferences. Robust ingenious approaches that advance health research study are motivated. Main and/or secondary information collection methods will be thought about.
  • In the event where the application file of 2 or more candidates is evaluated to be similarly excellent, choice will be offered to candidates with more research study experience. This will be evaluated utilizing the variety of previous research study positions held, the variety of research study connected conferences and trainings participated in and the variety of peer evaluation publications authored or co-authored by the candidate.


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