Application Due Date: September 15 th2019

The Biennial of Contemporary African Art, Under the Care of the Ministry of Culture and Interaction of the Republic of Senegal is a worldwide creative occasion committed to modern visual arts, collecting african artists and of the diaspora around different activities, along with specialists of modern art from all continents.

The worldwide Exhibit of the.
fourteenth edition of the Biennial of modern african Art is open.
just to african artists and the diaspora. Prospects should send a.
finished application and the needed files, as explained.
below, on USB flash drive to be sent out by email to[email protected] and by post prior to September 15 th2019 to the General Secretariat of the Biennial of Dakar, situated at 19 opportunity Hassan II 1st Flooring. BP:3865 Dakar Senegal.

This file should consist of:

  1. The finished application;-LRB- ******************).
  2. A bio of approximately 15 lines in English and French;-LRB- ******************).
  3. A comprehensive curriculum vita;-LRB- ******************).
  4. 2 current high-resolution images;-LRB- ******************).
  5. A scanned copy of the legitimate passport up until 31 st December 2020
  6. 5 high-definition recreations (300 dpi for 30 ×50 cm) of works.
    dating from October 2018 (artist’s residential or commercial property) on paper or digital.
    ( photos, DVDs, CDs). The name of the professional photographer is needed, as.
    is the date of production;-LRB- ******************).

  7. a text providing the works and their technical information (referrals of.
    the parts, title of the work, measurements, products, worth of the work.
    and insurance coverage, addresses of locations of origin and shipment of works at.
    completion of The biennial 2020);-LRB- ******************).

  8. Articles in art documents and crucial texts on the artist’s work, several specialist reviews acknowledged (optional).
  9. A letter of dedication from the artist who, in case of choice,.
    consents to look after the product packaging of the deal with an indicator of.
    their measurements, weights and volumes. Functions meant for the.
    worldwide exhibit needs to be appropriately packaged ( see short article 7 of the guidelines of treatment).
    and delivered in dog crates with screwed covers to facilitate their return.
    They should be prepared not behind one month after alert to the.
    artist, by the General Secretariat of the Dakar Biennial, of the.
    choice of the International Choice Committee. They should be quickly.
    easily transportable.

Points 1, 2, 3,4,5,6, 7 and 9 are obligatory. NON-COMPLIANCE with these requirements will lead to the rejection of the entire application.

These files are not gone back to the.
artist after the considerations of the International Choice Committee.
They are transferred in the documentary collection of the General.
Secretariat of the Biennial.

The works proposed for the.
choice needs to not have actually currently existed at a worldwide.
exhibit. They should likewise be without all rights, no work currently.
acquired will be the topic of choice.

Any work chosen and produced on website.
with the financial backing of the Dakar Biennial will stay the.
residential or commercial property of the State of Senegal. In the event where the artist bears the.
complete expenses of production, it is his commitment to make sure at his own.
cost the return transportation expenses of the work to location.

To Learn More:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Biennial of modern african Art fourteenth edition

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