Application Due Date: 14 October 2019,

Applications are now open for the2019 “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Person Rights Reward of the French Republic, granted by the Prime Minister of the French Federal government.

This Reward, produced in 1988, is granted in acknowledgment and assistance.
for the conclusion of specific or cumulative tasks performed in.
the field, in France or abroad, no matter citizenship or borders, to.
promote and secure human rights.

1– Non-governmental companies (NGOs) and person.
prospects, no matter citizenship or borders, ought to provide an.
application on among the 2 styles for2019

This application ought to consist of a field effort or task to be carried out in France or abroad.

• Style 1: young human rights protectors

Thirty years earlier, the United Nations General Assembly embraced the.
Convention on the Rights of the Kid. To mark this celebration, the French.
National Consultative Commission on Person Rights (CNCDH) has actually chosen to.
honour efforts by young human rights protectors, working.
separately or jointly to promote and protect human rights.

The expression “human rights protector” designates anybody who works.
separately or in association with others to promote or secure human.
rights. Short article 1 of the Statement on Human Rights Protectors (General.
Assembly Resolution A/RES/53/144 embraced on 9 December 1998) states that.
” everybody has the right, separately and in association with others,.
to promote and to pursue the defense and awareness of human.
rights and essential flexibilities at the nationwide and global.

A human rights protector is somebody who safeguards a basic right in.
their own name, or in the name of another individual or group of individuals.
Human rights protectors look for the promo and defense of civil and.
political rights, in addition to the promo, defense and awareness.
of financial, social and cultural rights.

Although the Statement on Human Rights Protectors does not specify.
the unique certification needed to be a human rights protector–.
everybody might be a protector if they so want and function as such– it does.
verify in no uncertain terms that protectors have a variety of.
obligations which prospects should satisfy:.

Human rights protectors should accept the universality of human rights as specified in the Universal Statement of Person Rights.

Human rights protectors should carry out non-violent actions.

A young human rights protector is somebody aged under 18 (pursuant to.
Short article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Kid). The scenario.
of young protectors, who deal with a growing variety of attacks and hazards.
all over the world, has actually been highlighted by the UN Unique Rapporteur on.
Human Rights Protectors and the UN Committee on the Rights of the Kid.
The Human Rights Reward will reward and honour the actions of one or numerous young protectors.

• Style 2: the responsibility of brotherhood

Short Article 1 of the Universal Statement of Human being Rights mentions that.
” All humans […] ought to act towards one another in a spirit of.
brotherhood.” This brotherhood includes acknowledging the intrinsic self-respect.
of all members of the human household. Brotherhood and self-respect are main.
to the universality of human rights.

Due to the fact that the concept of brotherhood is based upon the concept of human.
self-respect, it implies showing uniformity, regard for others, tolerance,.
and goodwill. It implies turning down inequitable mindsets (particularly.
those that might result in racist behaviour), avoiding hatred and refusing.
to act versus somebody due to their age, gender, or social, ethnic or.
spiritual background. As such, brotherhood has a selfless measurement,.
and consists of the capability to acknowledge, accept and invite the originality.
of other humans.

With this in mind, applications are open to people or NGOs that.
run several tasks looking for to resolve humanitarian requirements,.
offering relief and help to individuals in requirement, whoever they are,.
especially by extending a genuine welcome.

Projects might likewise consist of advocacy efforts or efforts to protect.
the responsibility of brotherhood and the flexibility to offer help for.
humanitarian functions, no matter origin, faith, social background.
or administrative status.

2– The 5 reward winners will be welcomed to Paris for the main event.

They will get a medal and share an overall amount of EUR70,000, granted by the CNCDH and to be utilized to execute their tasks.
5 runners-up will be granted a “unique reference” medal by the French ambassador in their native land.

3– Applications should adhere to the reward policies.
The reward policies are offered upon demand. They can likewise be discovered on the CNCDH site:

4– The application, which should be composed in French, should consist of:
a) A letter of application provided and signed by the president or.
legal agent of the NGO worried, or by the person.
b) The application, which is connected to this require applications and can be downloaded from the CNCDH site:
The application should provide, in information, the actions performed by the association or person.
c) A discussion of the NGO worried (statutes, operations, and so on), where suitable.
d) The postal address and bank information of the NGO or the specific prospect.

Prospects should send their total application, prior to the.
due date of 14 October 2019, to the Secretariat-General of the.
>> TSA 40 720– 20 opportunity de Ségur, 75007 PARIS– France
>> or by e-mail to: [email protected]

To Learn More:

See the Authorities Web Page of the French Federal Government 2019 “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Person Rights Reward

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