Due Date: May 31, 2019

Applications for the French Institut Visas for Development Program 2019 are now open. The Visas for Development is a function of the program “Africa and the Caribbean in Creations”. It intends to support creative introduction in Africa and the Caribbean through residencies in urbane France and in the abroad areas to allow them to establish a task of production or research study.

This tool is planned for artists and managers living in Africa or the Caribbean, who have expert experience in the pertinent creative field and who require, in order to establish their job or profession, a 2-month home duration in France within an expert structure (such as the CCN, CDCN, Scène Nationale, CDN, Centres d’art, SMAC, and so on), a partner organization of the Institut français (Cité Internationale des Arts) or which is connected to a residency program in a territorial collectivity.

This residency time can occur in an expert structure (type CCN, CDCN, National Scene, CDN, Art Centers, SMAC, and so on), a location currently partner of the French Institute (Cité Internationale des Arts, CCN of Roubaix, Ballet du Nord, CCN of Belfort, the National School of Photography of Arles, The wasteland of May, the Camargo Structure, The Exchanger, The Brickworks, The Art Center, The Rock of Palmer, House 1 + 2, Europajazz, Backlight studio, the Association Improvised Arts, and so on) or in connection with a house program of a regional authority (City of Bordeaux, City of Saint-Etienne, and so on). This structure needs to have the ability to supply technical and creative assistance (home type) and support the arrangement of lodging.


  • Open to African artists who propose a residency job happening in France and Caribbean artists (island locals just) who propose a residency job happening in mainland France or the French Departments of America (DFA);-LRB- **************).
  • Artists might remain in the following disciplines: visual arts, photography, digital arts, architecture, style, arts, style, theatre, dance, circus, street and puppet arts, music, multidisciplinary jobs.


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