Due Date: July 15, 2019

Are you a young feminist working towards environment and ecological justice? Are you a young feminist writer/journalist enthusiastic about ecological justice and trying to find more chances to blog about what feminists are carrying out in this location? Are you both? Get the FRIDA Environment and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship 2019

FRIDA is enjoyed reveal Environment and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship, a five-month program developed to supply mentorship and training to Global South young feminists on environment and ecological justice advocacy and digital journalism. This Fellowship is for young feminists thinking about enhancing the problems at the crossway of environment and ecological justice and gender rights and enhancing their vital, sharp, and prominent writing.

Functions and Obligations

  • Fellows will produce 2 media pieces of young feminist arranging for environment and ecological justice in their regional or local context, based upon the job’s thematic standards. The format for the media pieces will be digital journalism (posts, investigative pieces, op-eds, stories, essays). Particular subjects will be chosen in a collective method in between fellows, material consultants and editors
  • Fellows devote to have one check-in call with their primary editors per media piece; they are needed to take part in a minimum of 3 webinars/training sessions; they are needed to be in basic and routine group online interaction for check-in and sharing through Slack and e-mails
  • Fellows will operate in English throughout the program (this consists of training sessions, e-mails, and basic interaction, and editorial feedback). Their media pieces will be equated into Spanish and another 3rd pertinent language
  • One sample of unpublished or released writing. By released, they suggest a composing sample that is a post, a short article on a site, publication, paper, fanzine, or a storytelling platform.

Fellows will commit 4-5 hours each week (overall of 15-20 hours monthly) from August 1– December 13, 2019.


  • You are a young feminist (in between ages of 18 and 30) based throughout Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, the Pacific, The Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central, Southern, Eastern Europe and Central and North Asia and ready to take a trip in the pursuit of the story. Candidates based in Western Europe, The United States And Canada, Australia and New Zealand are not qualified to request this fellowship.
  • You are enthusiastic about environment and ecological justice and young feminist arranging, and wish to interact this particularly through composing to your neighborhood and the world. You are somebody who is in your area, regionally or globally linked to networks, groups, and neighborhoods in the environment and ecological motions and/or gender justice motions, and who wishes to show a broader audience the context of your regional and local battles, and the options, options, and jobs that your neighborhoods are dealing with
  • You are especially devoted to an intersectional lens and bridging the interaction in between environment and ecological justice motions and gender justice motions. You are a natural communicator, experienced storyteller, social leader or neighborhood organiser who understand that this work of interacting in of itself is essential movement-building work
  • You have a background in advocacy and writing, particularly arranging with or in partnership with rural, native, and black youth and grassroots neighborhoods, LBTQIA groups, feminist collectives, or employees’ unions, and are eager in acquiring more experience as a reporter, author, and supporter by dealing with fellow organisers, developed editors and publishing on a worldwide platform
  • You can be devoted to the fellowship, support your mate fellows, and interact dependably about your development, challenges and concerns to the fellowship group. Preferably you are all set to challenge yourself, your politics and composing through this fellowship and develop brave, initial, sharp analysis, reporting and material
  • You can interact and compose efficiently in English, as this will be the primary language utilized throughout the fellowship program.


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