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Apply now for Future News Worldwide2019 The due date is 12.00(midday) GMT on 21 March 2019.

British Council are calling all future reporters to sign up with the experience of a life time at the Future News Worldwide 2019 conference in London this summertime. The British Council is a British company specialising in global cultural and instructional chances. It operates in over 100 nations: promoting a broader understanding of the UK and the English language; motivating cultural, clinical, technological and instructional co-operation with the UK.

They’re searching for 100 of the world’s most skilled, inspired and enthusiastic trainee reporters to participate in an extensive media training program. You’ll get unique training from world-leading editors, broadcasters, authors, and press reporters, and see how publishers all over the world are utilizing innovation to discover stories and bring them to life like never ever previously.

Future News Worldwide 2019 will occur on 16 and 17 July at Reuters UK head office in Canary Wharf, London. The conference is complimentary for effective candidates and travel and lodging expenses will be covered.

You can use if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate trainee or current graduate and aged 18-25 Applications are welcome from throughout the world.

What is Future News Worldwide?

Future News Worldwide recognizes, trains and links the next generation of worldwide reporters. It is a collaboration program in between the British Council and a few of the world’s leading media companies

The objective is to support youths to establish a large range of journalism abilities and to develop the UK as an international leader in the nurturing of young reporters and media figures.

The program centers around a two-day conference in London, with English as the working language. The conference provides striving young reporters chances to establish useful and editorial abilities and hear straight from a few of the world’s most prominent market leaders, with a mix of talks, interactive panel sessions, workshops, and hands-on experiences. See highlights of the 2018 conference for a cup!

After the conference, delegates will belong to a year-round worldwide alumni network, assisting them to engage with one another, execute their knowing and continue their expert advancement.

Due Date: 21 March, 2019

( Initial short article by  British Council)
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