Home Africa Global Forest Watch (GFW) Little Grants Fund 2019 for Organizations (Approximately $40,000 USD)

Global Forest Watch (GFW) Little Grants Fund 2019 for Organizations (Approximately $40,000 USD)

Global Forest Watch (GFW) Little Grants Fund 2019 for Organizations (Approximately $40,000 USD)

Due Date: March 15, 2019

The Global Forest Watch (GFW) Little Grants Fund 2019 is open for applications. The Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund (SGF) looks for to promote broad uptake and ingenious usage of GFW tools and information by civil society around the globe. Effective jobs equate info into action, using GFW to conquer obstacles in securing the world’s forests.

The fund supplies monetary and technical assistance to civil society companies to use Global Forest Watch information and innovation in assistance of their work to enhance regional forest management and preservation practices, perform evidence-based advocacy and marketing, and promote higher openness in the forest sector. In 2019, the Little Grants Fund will continue to concentrate on fast action to logging early caution– transforming near real-time logging or fire signals into action.

Financing and Advantages

Effective candidates will get monetary and technical assistance from GFW to execute their proposition.

  • The SGF awards companies in between $10,000 and $40,000 USD
  • The variety of jobs granted can vary from 8-15, with 12 being the average
  • Trainings and technical help are supplied throughout the job application duration, which will range from June 2019– May 2020.

SGF receivers enter into a network of companies and get advantages that extend beyond the life time of their grant, consisting of subscription in the GFW Collaboration, chances to get in touch with likeminded groups through GFW occasions and online forums, involvement in GFW trainings and webinars, and chances to check brand-new GFW functions and applications.


Company Eligibility

In order to be qualified, companies should:

  • Be lawfully made up as non-profit and non-governmental;-LRB- **************).
  • Have an overall yearly spending plan higher than $30,000 USD;-LRB- **************).
  • Have a digital monetary system for tracking and recording costs;-LRB- **************).
  • Have the ability to finish an organizational evaluation file (consisting of concerns concerning company governance, monetary and compliance structure) in proficient English.
  • Get a score of medium to low threat on WRI’s organizational evaluation, which will be performed as soon as finalists are provisionally picked.

KEEP IN MIND: Grant receivers are needed to go through a grant-specific audit at the end of the job. GFW will cover the expense of this audit approximately a pre-determined quantity.

Job Eligibility

The Little Grants Fund looks for applications for jobs that plainly show how the company means to utilize Global Forest Watch’s near real-time information (GRATEFUL signals and/or VIIRS active fires signals) to improve regional reactions to forest dangers. Candidates are likewise motivated to utilize extra GFW information as pertinent, consisting of other datasets on forest modifications (such as the GRATEFUL yearly tree cover loss layer), land cover (such as the Intact Forest Landscapes layer), and land usage (such as concessions information). Applications must plainly articulate who the job intends to affect and how job activities will cause enhanced recognition and action to logging.

Projects might target several of the following stars:

  • Business
  • Regional or federal government firms
  • Neighborhoods
  • Reporters
  • Public

Projects might use several of the following methods to affecting these stars:

  • Capability structure
  • Advocacy
  • Enforcement
  • Storytelling/journalism

Choice Requirements

The committee will methodically score all applications based upon the following requirements:

  1. Importance: a clear sign of how your job will support utilizing near realtime forest tracking information for enhanced forest management, enforcement and marketing
  2. Clear usage of GFW: showing how GFW information and tools are main to the success of the job
  3. Cost-effectiveness: proposed usage of funds is effective, and the proposition plainly articulates how WRI financing will be leveraged to improve existing jobs.
  4. Expediency: performing the proposed activities within the job duration and with the proposed spending plan is practical.
  5. Prospective for effect: GFW information and tools cause results, such as a modification in policy or acknowledgment of a location’s legal status, a claim, an examination, a great or charge, or an effective project or boycott.

Unique factors to consider will be offered to jobs that promote gender equity or social addition.


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