Due Date: December 2, 2018

Applications are open for the Goethe Institut Backstory– The Movie Residency Program 2019 The residency is a chance for those who wish to update their expert abilities through Master Classes that will be offered to citizens (according to their interests) in addition to for people who wish to understand their filmmaking jobs at any phase i.e. pre-production, production and post-production.

The program is developed:

  • To support local filmmakers in recognizing their filmprojects (logistically, economically, technically, and thematically)
  • To start and help with networking in the area and in between the area and Europe
  • To develop chances for exchange
  • To supply a platform for the discussion of filmworks in order to be exposed to a regional public
  • To organize specific mentoring formats to improve the abilities of filmmakers


There will be 2 residencies provided in 2019:

  • Residency 1: July 1– August 31, 2019
  • Residency 2: September 1– October 31, 2019


Backstory will supply:

  • Lodging at Beirut Art Residency
  • Motivating office in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut’s creative district
  • Administrative and logistical assistance
  • Access to technical devices according to task requirements
  • Specialized mentoring formats and master classes supplied throughout the residency
  • Flights to and from Beirut
  • Month-to-month stipend of USD 1,000


Backstory welcomes emerging filmmakers:

  • Who currently have expert work experience and depend on 40 years of ages;-LRB- **************).
  • Who prepare to understand a movie task or part of it (pre-production, production or post-production);-LRB- **************).
  • Who are dealing with any movie category other than industrial advertisements;-LRB- **************).
  • Who needs to be residents of, and/or presently living in among these nations: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen.


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For additional information, see Backstory– The Movie Residency

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