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PitchDrive II by CcHUB, in collaboration with Google for Startups, will engage 10 of Africa’s top hardware and deeptech based start-ups on a trip of interesting tech cities in Asia.

The focus of PitchDrive II is to help with Africa-Asia partnerships to reinforce deep innovation business in Africa by developing a platform for start-ups to:

Take crucial knowings from the Asian innovation market and use them in your area to enhance their services

Discover and engage providers or producing partners to reinforce their services

Explore financing chances

Do you run a deep tech (AI, ML, Combined truth, etc) or hardware based start-up?
Are you a lawfully signed up business able to show a minimum of 12 months revenue-generating operations?
Can you show earnings generation in the last 12 months?
Are you based in Africa?
Are you (Founder/Co-founder/ CEO) offered for the trip from August 15 th till August 31 st?

The Trip

Brace yourselves as we journey from Kigali, Rwanda through 5 interesting tech capitals in Asia.



We begin PitchDrive II with a 2-day bootcamp.
in among Africa’s many interesting tech-hubs– the city of Kigali.
From the simple starts of an.
agrarian-based economy, Kigali is now house to a few of the biggest.
tech business running throughout the.
continent consisting of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Through Federal government.
in long-lasting preparation, purchasing IT.
facilities and positive abilities, Rwanda’s capital has rapidly.
into a leader in the knowledge-based sharing.
economy and is growing like never ever in the past. There’s no much better location to.
kick-off PitchDrive II that in this interesting.
wise city fondly described as the “Singapore of Africa”.



Our very first drop in Asia is the Republic of Singapore– a natural monetary and interactions center for South-east Asia boasting an incredibly high variety of developers and investor. When it concerns bring in skill, Singapore ranks 2nd worldwide and initially in Asia.

The city-state’s robust collective networks and skill swimming pools originate from it’s first-rate universities, leading international services and a quickly growing environment of start-ups, organisation incubators and investor. With strong federal government assistance in R&D costs and a detailed IP regulative structure, Singapore has actually ended up being a perfect location for leading tech companies.

The capital hosts about 80 of the top 100 tech companies worldwide and is frequently identified a ‘mini Silicon Valley’.



Next stop is Asia’s ‘House of Hardware’- Shenzhen, China. This mega-city of 13 million individuals is house to 10s of countless factories. From a previous fishing town to a production center, Shenzhen is at the heart of China’s change into a hi-tech innovator.

Enthusiastic tech companies and start-ups flock to this city to control crucial hi-tech markets such as robotics, electrical automobiles and expert system. This is the house of entrepreneurial research study and advancement. An item that might take 12 to 18 months to give market elsewhere on the planet may take just 4 to 6 weeks in Shenzhen. Why? Due to the fact that all elements line up to support development.

Even city government in Shenzhen provides grants for submitting patents and for beginning maker areas. This is the supreme production center that links development, production, and understanding all over the world.

Hong Kong


Our 3rd stop is the tech center of Hong Kong, house to an interesting start-up scene including over 2,000 start-ups.

A hot-bed for deep-tech skill, Hong Kong-based start-ups are doing it all– from software application as a service, Web of things, information analytics, biotech, expert system, robotics, virtual truth and enhanced truth, in addition to brand-new product. The city’s distance to the production and telecoms powerhouse that is Shenzhen believes assisted make it a tactical area for development in Asia. The city has actually invited the current growth by huge tech companies such as Facebook and Alibaba, and is taking pleasure in speeding up financial investment in it’s fintech sector.

With increasing business engagement in incubation and accelerators programs, brand-new efforts to promote start-ups deriving from universities, Cyberport and Hong Kong Science Park, and a string of noteworthy financing rounds for start-ups, it is expected that Hong Kong’s innovation sector might quickly reach a tipping point and will be moved into much faster development.

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Check Out the Authorities Website of the Google for Startups/CcHUB 2019 PitchDrive

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