The Greek Orthodox Church in America thinks about that it sanctifies the faithful through magnificent praise, particularly the Holy Eucharist and other sacraments, constructing the spiritual and ethical life of the faithful in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, Spiritual Custom, the teachings and canons of the Ecumenical and regional Councils, the canons of the Holy Apostles and the Daddies of the Church and of all other Councils acknowledged by the Orthodox Church.

Prospects should send a finished application and all needed documents to the Scholarship Committee by the due date in order to be thought about for a scholarship. Several scholarships of $1,000 will be granted.

The application is 3 pages long and should be submitted in its whole. All of the needed documents likewise requires to be consisted of with your submission (see list listed below and the List for information). Ensure you consist of the List as the leading page of your finished application. Please print plainly. The due date for sending your finished application is May 3, 2019 It is the duty of the candidate to guarantee that his/her application is total.

As designated by the donor, the choice of the receivers will be based upon the following requirements:

• Prospects should supply proof of real monetary requirement.

• Choice will be provided to prospects who are orphans (one or both moms and dads).

• Prospects should be of the Eastern Orthodox faith, within among the jurisdictions of the “Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America” (see application for a breakdown). Candidates should likewise supply proof of being associated with church and parish activities.

• At the time of application, prospects should be high school elders and starting their bachelor’s degree program in the fall of 2019 or currently a full-time matriculated trainee devoted to severe research study on a full-time basis in a bachelor’s degree program at a recognized college or university.

• Prospects should be people or long-term homeowners of the United States. Evidence of long-term residency is needed i.e. copy of Birth Certificate; Naturalization Certificate; Permanent Residency Files.

• Prospects should have attained and should supply evidence of a combined SAT minimum rating of1000 If the SAT were not taken, another step utilized by the scholastic neighborhood, for instance, the ACT, need to be replaced.

• Candidates should have preserved a minimum grade point average of a minimum of a B, 80, or 3.0 through high school and needs to send their high school records as evidence.

• Trainees currently registered in college needs to send both existing college records, in addition to their last high school records, consisting of SAT (or ACT) test ratings.

• Trainees need to be carrying out research studies in the sciences, organisation or the arts.

• Prospects should send a totally finished application to the Scholarship Committee. The application is 3 pages long, and all areas should be submitted. Please print plainly.

• Your submission should likewise consist of all the needed documents as highlighted on the List and noted below.

Ensure your application submission consists of the following files (extra information readily available on the List):

1. Main records from high school and college (if relevant).

2. Letter of approval (for those going into college) or evidence that you are a full-time trainee (for those currently participating in college). i.e., tuition declaration.

3. Copies of the most existing Federal Earnings Tax Returns (your moms and dads’ return and your return if you did pay work).

4. A copy or records of your Baptismal or Chrismation Certificate. Birth certificates are not appropriate.

5. 3 (3) Recommendation Letters (one should be from an Orthodox Clergyman).

6. An essay (subjects are noted on the list).

7. A quick resume (2 pages optimum), consisting of info about yourself, as detailed on the list.

Utilize the list to make certain you have actually consisted of every product in your submission.

Suggestion letters can be sent out straight to the committee from the people composing them or you can gather them and send them with the rest of your files. In either case, the candidate is accountable for guaranteeing that these letters, in addition to all pieces of your application, are gotten by the committee.
The prospect need to be readily available for a telephone interview at the Committee’s discretion.

If there are any concerns, please e-mail us at

Finished applications (with all the needed documents) needs to be sent out to:

Malta Scholarship Committee

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

8 East 79 th Street

New York City, NY10075


Scholarship submissions should be postmarked by the DUE DATE: MAY 3, 2019

Click the links listed below to download and print the scholarships directions and applications:

2019 Malta Scholarship– Undergraduate

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