Application Due Date: December 23 rd 2018

Group Banque Centrale Populaire is introducing the very first edition of its Fintech Obstacle!

BCP anticipate team up with the most appealing start-ups, in Africa and somewhere else, to co-build and execute ingenious options to our essential company difficulties, in Morocco or in our sub-Saharan subsidiaries.

The Fintech Obstacle provides to the picked start-ups the chance to improve their development in the area, by working along with among the most significant monetary groups in Africa.

  • Co-build, with ingenious start-ups, options adjusted to the difficulties we deal with,
  • Produce an environment of high capacity, nimble and disruptive partners,
  • Accelerate our change by remaining linked to our community and producing an useful dynamic for our clients.


  • Partner with a significant African monetary group and take advantage of its know-how
  • Access to brand-new Markets and get in touch with the biggest banking environments in Africa
  • Improve your worth proposal through a Velocity program
  • Get access to financing
  • Scale your Start-up and grow your company
  • The costs of the 30 start-ups picked and welcomed to take part in the Bootcamp will be covered by the Banque Centrale Populaire Group, particularly the aircraft ticket and lodging throughout the Bootcamp and Demonstration Day.
  • For the 30 picked start-ups: 3 days for the Bootcamp and Demonstration Day (2 possibilities to be taken into consideration: Casablanca from January 31 st to February 3rd, or Abidjan from February 14 th to February 17 th).

    — Following the Demonstration Day, the winning start-ups will remain 2 more days for workshops in order to prepare the experimentation duration.

    — Throughout the 3 months following the Bootcamp (i.e. experimentation duration) (in between February 2019 and May 2019): The journeys will be prepared based upon the action prepares developed throughout the workshops

Choice Process:

  • Require Applications: Following your submission online, we will examine all applications and choose as much as 30 start-ups that finest satisfy our choice requirements.
  • Bootcamp: These start-ups will then be welcomed to take part in a 3 days Bootcamp: 15 start-ups will take part in the Casablanca Bootcamp (from January 31 st to February 3rd), and the other 15 start-ups will take part in the Abidjan Bootcamp (from February 14 th to February 17 th). Your involvement in Casablanca or Abidjan will be based upon the positioning of the option with the various market requirements.
  • Throughout the Bootcamp, the Startups will work carefully with our professionals to make certain the option satisfies our requirements and to establish an experimentation action strategy to execute the option within the group.

Demonstration Day: A Demonstration Day will be arranged throughout the last day of the Bootcamp, throughout which we will choose the winning start-ups. These start-ups will have the ability to take part in the velocity program and execute their option within the group.


To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Website of the Group Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) Fintech Obstacle 2018


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