Due Date: October 31, 2019

Applications are open for the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award 2019/2020 The award embraced the water axis as the primary focus of the present session.

The award was produced by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, to promote the art of photography as one of the most crucial arts. The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Reward is a non-profit, non-governmental company, for that reason involvement in the competitors is entirely totally free.

Award Quick

The “Hope” season ended after the winning works provided an extremely creative and diverse design extension to this favorable intellectual method. The time has actually concerned restore the launch and open the entrance to the visual competitiveness of all lens developers all over the world, by releasing the ninth season of the award under the title “water”, which converged with human history because its earliest times in the world.

” Water” is the synonym of life and its fresh artery, sharing our lives from the very first minute as one of the parts of the body, extending the variety of days we live a fundamental partner of numerous requirements and usages.


The Grand Reward is United States $ 120,000

  • Axis of “water”

    • The very first winner will get $ 20,000
    • The 2nd winner will get $ 16,000
    • The 3rd winner will get $ 12,000
    • The 4th winner will get $ 8,000
    • The 5th winner will get $ 4,000
  • The focus of “Illustrated file (story to inform)”

    • The very first winner will get $ 24,000
    • The 2nd winner will get $ 21,000
    • The 3rd winner will get $ 19,000
    • The 4th winner will get $ 17,000
    • The 5th winner will get $ 14,000
  • Basic axis

    • The very first winner will get $ 20,000
    • The 2nd winner will get $ 15,000
    • The 3rd winner will get $ 10,000
  • Axis “imaging smart phone”

    • The very first winner will get $ 2,000
    • The 2nd winner will get $ 10,000
    • The 3rd winner will get $ 8,000
    • The 4th winner will get $ 6,000
    • The 5th winner will get $ 4,000
  • Unique rewards

    • Photography Gratitude Award: $ 20,000
    • Photographic Material Developers Award: $ 15,000
    • Start-up/ Company Photography Award: $ 10,000


  • Open to everybody from all over the world;-LRB- **************).
  • Individuals need to be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of the competitors.

Entry Requirements

  • You can send one picture in each of the competitors’s axes, consisting of the 2 sub-axes under the basic axis, with the exception of a photographic file axis that enables involvement of 5– 10 images. You need to consist of a title and description for each image, consisting of a description of the overall images in the image file axis.
  • You might not send the very same image to share more than one axis. Any picture sent to take part in more than one style will be omitted from the whole competitors
  • Sent images need to remain in JPEG or JPG format and need to be of high quality and resolution and the size of the image must not be less than 5 MB, with the longest side of the image not less than 2000 pixels and the quality not less than 300 dpi, other than for the axis of mobile photography, The image ought to be at least 2 MB in size. Images must appropriate for publication
  • The initial image (RAW) or initial image file need to be packed without adjustment when packing the image in all axes
  • Black and white images are allowed all competitors styles other than for the colored sub-axis under the basic axis
  • At the center of an image file, you need to share a series of images for the very same topic, a minimum variety of 5 images and an optimum of 10 images
  • Getting involved images need to not consist of any logo designs, signatures, names, frames, borders, signs, and any other indications, date, timing and/ or indications included by the individual. Fundamental technical changes to images are allowed, offered this does not impact the trustworthiness and/ or credibility of the image. Advanced modifies utilized to include techniques, visual techniques, and/ or adjustments, consisting of innovative structures and picture adjustments, are forbidden. The Reward reserves the right to examine and omit any images which the Reward thinks about, at its sole discretion, contrary to the foregoing
  • Any images that represent or consist of any improper and/ or offending material, consisting of nudity, violence and/ or other material considered incompatible with the general public morals, spiritual and cultural custom-mades and customs of the United Arab Emirates, will be omitted
  • No pictures might be sent that won previous rewards either in among the previous reward competitors or any other competitors that were revealed prior to October 31,2019 No images sent formerly for any business function might be sent to take part in the competitors. Any images contrary to the above will be immediately omitted from the Contest and without more notification.


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For more details, see Frequently Asked Questions or see HIPA

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