Deadline: May 15, 2021

Applications for the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Global Feminist Pitch 2021 are now open. The Global Feminist Pitch will give eight feminists the opportunity to implement their project ideas on the theme of “Feminist Resilience and Resistance on Social Media.”

About the Global Feminist Pitch

The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the striving of women and LGBTIQ+ activists worldwide for equality, security, and freedom. The shrinking space, an increase in nationalism and authoritarianism, as well as the anti-feminist and right-wing populist rhetoric are affecting the work of those who move in the feminist and gender-political area, together with the existing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social and political inequality and injustice, discrimination, hate speech on (social) media, harassment and violence are still present. They are based on hatred, intolerance and ignorance regarding gender identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and other social conditions. To overcome these challenges, feminists worldwide have to demonstrate resilience, withstand all the challenges and adapt to them. This includes connecting with other feminists, showing solidarity and creating spaces for exchange. In addition, feminist have to unite and demonstrate resistance in forms of mobilization and action, in order to fight for a gender just future.

In order to adapt to these challenges and overcome them, the global feminist movement needs a new generation of intersectional feminists who will find innovative ways to demonstrate their resilience and resistance. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has proven as a powerful instrument – to share disinformation, discriminate, and exclude, as well as to provide inclusive spaces for the sharing of experiences, solidarity, and mobilization. The Global Feminist Pitch will give eight feminists the opportunity to implement their project ideas on the theme of “Feminist Resilience and Resistance on Social Media”. The feminists will have five months to create a platform on social media channels of their choice and connect, show solidarity and mobilize (with) other feminists. The feminists will take up the specific challenges, contexts and experiences of their own generation in the COVID-19 pandemic, integrate them into a global debate and make them visible – through podcasts, videos, blogs, or other forms of content on social media channels.


Eight feminists from the Global East and South with the best project proposals, budget and introductions will be selected to participate in the Global Feminist Pitch. The eight feminists will receive:

  • the agreed honorarium as a compensation for the implementation of their project ideas;
  • the assistance of the Global Unit for Feminism and Gender Democracy;
  • the possibility to give a presentation about their project by the end of the project period;
  • the possibility to participate in an online workshop;
  • the possibility to continue their projects independently.


  • You are between 18 and 28 years old.
  • You come from the Global East and South.
  • You have a good command of English language.
  • You have a good command of social media.
  • You have a feminist background and want to contribute to gender justice.


You are interested and think you meet the expectations? Send your resume, your project proposal with a budget, and a creative introduction in a format of your preference to [email protected]

The project proposal should include details about the background, relevance and the goal of the project idea, as well as the planned milestones, expected outcome, and proposed budget in the form of a finance plan. The submission deadline is midnight CET on May 15, 2021. They strongly encourage early applications.

For more information, visit Global Feminist Pitch.

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